Mar 04, 2016

There are laws that rule the world, and one of them is that when we are unified, nothing can stand in our way. We have seen in history countless times when this law - unification - pops up and shows its powers.

At the moment, we have several examples of unification which equals power. The Han Chinese are unified, the Russians and Shias are unified, the Japanese are unified and lastly of course the Zionists and Jews are unified. In the case of the Jews, this unification is so strong and impressive that they have come to dominate and totally control the USA. In history, Genghis Khan, after realising the power of unification, swiftly combined the Mongol tribes and moved to conquer almost half the continent of Asia and subsequently changed the course of Asian geopolitics for centuries to come. Similarly, in the late twentieth century, we see the Chinese unify the people and regions and come to dominate global commerce. And on and on, you surely get the idea.  More

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