A religious world war is brewing in the East, at least this appears to be the case. One may argue that religious war is already underway in EuroAsia. I am tempted to call Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a religious war. I see Orthodox Christianity fighting back against the satanic cabal (Zionists, neocons, neoliberals, military-industrial complex, and all the rest who fall in the same category).

It was the satanic cabal who created the conditions for war in Ukraine, hoping to trap Russia and try to divide Russia into five different states. The war did not go as planned by the satanic cabal. Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. The war will probably be over before the end of the year if my predictions are correct. It is difficult to predict the future. However, preparations for the next war are already underway.

I was thinking to call this new war, world war three. Then I realised, this is not world war three. This war is unlike the previous two world wars. The previous two world wars were about enslaving humanity. This global war is a war for the freedom of humanity. This next war will be much bigger, it is likely to involve many countries. Where will the new war take place? You may ask. I think it is clear to everybody that the arena for the next war is going to be Asia (EuroAsia, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia, and the Far East).

Last week, the leader of the satanic cabal held meetings with political leadership in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Yes, I am referring to president Biden’s visit to the Middle East. Sadly, it is true that the leadership of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain are more Zionist than Israelis. All these leaders can only be described as evil, or more precisely the satanic cabal. It is quite likely that the coming wars were on top of the agenda during these meetings.

On the opposite side, we have leaders of three religious groups who met this week in Tehran, Iran. President Putin of Russia (Orthodox Christians), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey (Sunni Muslims), and Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi (Shi’a Muslims). This war will be a religious war. Although, the satanic cabal is hellbent on enslaving humanity and creating a one-world government. The challengers to the hegemony of the satanic cabal are more determined to win and are winning. The tide is turning against the followers of the satanic cabal.

During the last century, the forces of the satanic cabal tried to eliminate religion from the world. Now, the world is realising the importance of religion in human life and for society at large. Thus, religion is making a comeback. The support for the evil agendas of the satanic cabal is fast evaporating despite the relentless propaganda.

In the coming wars, the satanic cabal will (إن شاء الله) lose one battle after another. The Zionist Arab leaders are living on borrowed time. It is the end of the Sykes-Picot. it is the end of the divide and rule policy in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is the end of the nation-state. Huge changes are on the way. A religious war is on the way.

Stay safe stay blessed.

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By Khalid

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