Today the capitalists have become the modern version of the Pharaohs. They rule with impunity. They not only covet control over your capital, but they also aim to control your thoughts, behaviour and emotions. They are investing heavily in new technologies that are capable of doing all the above. Their nefarious plans are intended to enslave the whole of humanity. The elites in all the countries are working to implement these plans. However, I am a bit sceptic that they will succeed.

I think that the human mind is too complex and if history teaches us anything about the human mind, it is that the human mind demands freedom and emancipation for optimal functioning. The capitalists want to curtail our God-given rights and freedoms. But, competition and freedom are essential for the human mind to thrive.

The capitalists have spent the last few centuries eliminating competition in nearly every conceivable and worthy domain. For example, pre-1850s in different regions of the world there were many empires in existence. But after the First World War, just a few powerful nations remained. The Second World War eliminated nearly all the competition. Then as the Cold War ended, there was Pax-Americana only, without a competitor.

A similar story can be told about different industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sectors like agrochemicals, automobiles, banking, pharmaceuticals, oils and gas as well as telecommunication technologies. In each case, only four to six players are dominating between 50 and 90 percent of the market share. These are the ‘cartel’.

These so-called cartels exert influence and control over the purchasing power of products and services we acquire. Surprisingly, they always tend to be well-positioned to seize lucrative opportunities whenever the gullible public is experiencing a crisis. The cartels are like specialists, never far from an impending crisis. It is no coincidence that lockdowns have caused irreversible damage to the economy and in particular to struggling shopping centres and malls. At the same time, consumers are being herded to buy online where few major players dominate the market share.

It would be naïve to assume that the cartels and capitalists are only interested in profits and eliminating competition. The truth is the global and regional cartels have a much bigger plan, to rule the world. In doing so, they are forging alliances with other similar corrupt individuals to spread corruption. This is the nefarious part of their plan. In my view, we should attribute much of the corruption in any country to the cartels of that nation.

Take, for example, Egypt and Pakistan. The military rulers in these countries have huge stakes in various commercial enterprises. They have an unfair advantage over local businesses as they do not pay taxes and wealth is distributed amongst the top elites. Egypt’s Sisi has built a new city for his top brass using public money, whereas Pakistan’s former corrupt civilian rulers are untouchable despite the criminal cases against them. It seems the cartels and monopolists protect their own and ruthlessly eliminate anyone who opposes their interests.

I wonder if the capitalists were behind the assassination of the Second Caliph, Umar ibn Al-Khattāb. Allah knows best.

We cannot say with absolute conviction that our rulers have the public’s best interest in their hearts. As one British journalist bluntly says, ‘the worst possible people are in charge at the worst possible time.’ Sadly, we have not hit the bottom yet; the worst is yet to come. We are about to witness many large and small countries embrace technocracy. Yes, democracy is dead. Technocrats are unelected experts who are hired (or sent by their former employers) to work in the government with powers equal to that of the cabinet ministers.

According to one Pakistani newspaper, there are 13 unelected officials or technocrats in positions of power in the country.  If, as alleged, these experts are in the government at the behest of multinationals then one may ask whose interest they serve. The truth is multinational corporations have directly taken control of governments. The Pharaohs have placed their agents in nearly all nations and intend to rule the globe through the one-world government.

However, do not get over-excited so soon thinking that there will be unity because there will be a ‘one-world government’. Sorry to spoil it for you, but the whole point of over two centuries of decimating religion and promoting atheism was to divide and rule. You see, while religion unites, politics divide. This is why these cartels fear the true religion the most. A religion like Islam offers a complete alternative system. Hence, Pakistani elites and Egyptian elites would never allow the flourishment of true religion in their countries.

Despite everything, I am sceptical about their success. The reason is the human mind was created to thrive on challenges and to compete. Life is not a life without challenges and competition. The human mind seeks truth, the truth of everything. This is not possible under despotic oppressive systems. Eventually, the human mind finds ways to unchain the shackles. The human mind by nature finds its nourishment in hope. It is hope that restores the mind.

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By Khalid

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