The world has changed, the world order has changed. Russia has challenged the hegemony of the West. It all started on 22.02.2022 when Putin decided to defang and de-nazify Ukraine. Although the western media is showing Putin as aggressive, evidence suggests otherwise. It is quite likely that Ukraine was set up as a trap for Russia by the Americans. The famous geopolitical analyst Elijah J. Magnier, in his latest article, writes how in the past eight years Ukraine was prepared for war by America. He says:

“Ukraine had 120,000 soldiers in 2014 and spent $1.9 billion on its defence budget, equivalent to 1.57% GDP. With the US financial and military plans, these figures went sky high, supporting and preparing the Ukrainian army for a US-proxy war on Russia. The Ukrainian security forces counted 363,000 in 2022, with President Volodymyr Zelensky signing a decree to add another 100,000 men to the armed forces. The US has been very generously financing the Ukrainian army, investing over $2.6 billion between 2015 and 2021, $1 billion in weapons supply during the war and billions more to come. However, in previous years, the US did not support the Ukrainian economy, which had collapsed:  several Ukrainian banks had declared bankruptcy.”

It would be wrong to assume that the Russians did not know all the above. Similarly, Russians must have anticipated the sanctions too and the human cost of war. The Ukrainian army and mercenaries are causing a lot of damage on the Russian side, no doubt about it. At least four Russian Generals have been killed so far, according to media reports. Yes, America and its allies are making the war very expensive for Russia but Russia is unlikely to lose the war in Ukraine. Ukraine will be destroyed in this war between Russia and America.

Eventually, the heaviest damage will be inflicted on the American empire. The price the American empire will pay is too great. Economic analysts have often argued that the power of the American empire is based on the dollar, to be more precisely the petrodollar. During the Nixon era, Saudis agreed to sell their oil in the dollar. This created global demand for the dollar. Now, the Saudis are negotiating with China to sell some of the oil in Yuan, the Chinese currency. The demand for the dollar will begin to decrease. The dollar will likely lose its position as a reserve currency sooner than many think. Many countries are already signing bilateral trade agreements in their local currencies.

The American empire is bankrupt and cannot afford to have a direct confrontation with the Russians. Therefore, it is using all other means at its disposal. Apart from sanctions, America is using financial tools as a weapon of war. It is also using its commercial brands as a weapon of war. Both of these will be seen as bad decisions by historians. Russia and China anticipated these decisions and have already developed alternative financial tools.

“Putin has prepared his defences carefully. US politicians called for Russia to be cut out of SWIFT after the Crimean invasion. Since then, Russia has developed Mir, a payment system for electronic fund transfers, and a SWIFT equivalent known as SPFS — System for transfer of Financial Messages, with agreements linking SPFS to other payment systems in China, India, Iran, and member nations of the Eurasian Economic Union. The Central Bank of Russia has strengthened the commercial banking network. And it has also reduced its dollar exposure as much as possible by investing in gold and euros instead, which means less reserves are held as deposits in the US banking system and invested in US bonds.”

Probably this is why America is going around lobbying all the countries not to use the Russian and Chinese financial tools. The American elite has realised that the end is near. This means a big economic and financial shock is on the way. The collapse will result in food scarcity, hyperinflation, and probably civil disobedience. Those living in the cities will be the hardest hit. In a time of Fitna, one should consider migrating away from the cities. Being prepared and being self-sufficient is probably one of the best decisions of the time.

Coming back to the empire, in the past, no country dared to create their own financial tools, everyone accepted American hegemony. American brands had patents on most products. No one copied or abused the Intellectual Property of the American brands. Now, these brands have become part of the empire’s weapons of war. They would be considered legitimate targets in the war. The question is if the Russians want to copy or recreate their version of the brands similar to the American brands, what can America do about it. Maybe pretty soon other nations will make products based on Intellectual Properties belonging to international brands too. Will patents become meaningless in due course, as the American empire collapses? Time will tell.

As the American empire collapses, what will its greatest ally, or should I say the greatest liability, Israel do? Will Israel stay loyal to America or will it choose a new protector, the Sino-Russia axis? I am not the only one asking this question. According to one source;

“Already a powerhouse in auto-technologies, robotics and cybersecurity, Israel aspires to be the central nation in the millennial Kingdom and the country’s tech startups are predicted to play a key role in the fourth industrial revolution.

Strengthening its evolving relationship with China amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis could help propel Israel into a regional hegemon par excellence with a large share of centralised economic and technological power converging in Jerusalem.

As Israel embarks on efforts to diversify its export markets and investments away from the United States, it begs an important question.

Is Israel in the formative stages of outsourcing its security interests away from the US and hedging its bets on the Sino-Russia axis?”

One thing is obvious, the war in Ukraine will expand and it will involve many other countries and regions. By the end of this decade Russia, as well as America, may disintegrate, just like the USSR. We may see new smaller states appearing in both east and west. For Israel to become greater Israel, for it to become the global superpower, for a tiny state to become a global ruling power, other greater powers have to be destroyed. Is that the Zionist plan? Will Zionists succeed in implementing the great reset? I hope not.

Stay blessed, stay safe.

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By Khalid

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