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The Saudis and Pakistanis have finally decided to wash their dirty laundry in the open, in front of the world media. Pakistani rulers are demanding that the Saudis take a serious and strong stand on the issue of Kashmir and give clear statements through the OIC. Saudis have so far been reluctant to do so. At the same time, Saudis have stopped the supply of oil and also demanded the return of billions of dollars worth of loans given to Pakistan.

Is this just a temporary glitch or a permanent chasm? Well, I think that they may finally split from each other gradually and the alliance will remain in name only. The reason for this is that both countries are facing an existential threat, both internal and external.  And it is these strategic threats that are forcing them to choose separate paths.

The Pakistani rulers are fully aware of the impending water crisis that the country is likely to face within the next few years. To make matters worse, there is no visionary leadership nor has there been for decades. The country stopped building new water dams and the last major dam project was completed probably in the mid-1960s, the Mangla Dam project. It is not a hidden secret that Pakistan’s love for Kashmir is probably 99% related to water. Kashmir is the biggest source of water for the Punjab and Sindh provinces. The equation is quite simple:

Water is life = Kashmir is the source of water = Kashmir is life

In other words, it is time for Pakistanis to do or die.

Saudis as well as the rest of all the Middle Eastern regimes have either overtly or covertly made alliances with Israel. They are all working on the Zionist agendas. Since Israel has developed a strong relationship with India, the arch-enemy of Pakistan; the Saudi royals, to appease the Zionists, decided to invest billions in India.

The Saudis have another important reason to remain in the Zionists camp. In 1923, a 100-year agreement was signed, when the British and the French took over the mandate of the regions formerly under the Ottoman Empire’s control. All the Middle Eastern countries were carved out from the relics of the Ottoman Empire by British and French diplomats Mark Sykes and Georges Picot. That agreement is about to expire in 2023 and these regions should be returned to the Turks. But, these vassal states in the Middle East have no intention of leaving the Zionist camp. The despotic regimes have no choice now but to ally themselves with the Zionist state as they did over 100 years ago.

As new alliances are taking shape in Europe, Asia and elsewhere, we will see more and more blunders being made by the inept and corrupt leadership in the Middle East. America; Saudi Arabia’s biggest ally is playing the stick and carrot game with them while keeping them on the leash. However, there are strains in the relationship now. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a global recession, resulting in a decrease in demand for oil and petrodollar. The collapse of the dollar means the collapse of American hegemony. For Saudis, this means losing an ally and the protector of the regime.

The Saudi royals know that their future with and without Zionism is doomed. They fear the inevitable. They fear the removal of borders and the unification of the region. Fear is now overshadowing their thinking. You can smell the stench and fear coming from the royal palaces. Soon, their fear will lead them to madness and the Saudi royals will start killing each other as if the royal bloodbath will save them from their demise and fate. It is now obvious to everyone, as we approach 2023, that the Saudi regime is living on borrowed time.

It is sad and ironic that, while discussing the Jews, Allah says very clearly in Surah Al Imran:

 “Degraded they shall live wheresoever they be unless they make an alliance with God and alliance with men, for they have incurred the anger of God, and misery overhangs them. That is because they denied the signs of God and killed the prophets unjustly, and rebelled, and went beyond the limit.” (Quran: 03:112)

Yet, the Arab leaders are running to seek refuge with the Jews.

The Saudi and Pakistani rulers should know that fear is not a policy and countries that lack visionary leadership do not last long. Will the Pakistanis, whose corrupt elites have moved wealth out of the country for decades, and Saudis, whose royals are mostly addicted to amphetamines, succeed in achieving their intended goals and survive the upcoming global upheaval? I think they have left it too late this time. Allah knows best.

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