There is no city in the world that can be classed as strategically important for an empire as Jerusalem. The control of Jerusalem allows the empire total domination over the whole region. For thousands of years, Jerusalem has served as an important outpost for various empires. Now it is the strategically most important outpost for the American empire. But this is about to change. Jerusalem has not ruled as an independent city for over two thousand years. During the times of David and Solomon, Jerusalem’s rule expanded as far away as Yemen. Jerusalem is now being set up to become once again a strategic city, the capital of an Empire.

As Washington’s influence and power weakens, Jerusalem will replace it as the next ruling city, claims Imran Nazar Hosein in his book, Jerusalem in the Qur’an (Masjid Dar Al Qur’an, New York, 2002). Just as the United States dominated the world in the 20th century, now Israel will dominate the world in the 21st century. The return of the Jews to the Holy Land was by divine writ, argues Hosein. He suggests that the purpose of Israel was not to build a home for the Jewish masses but to create an empire. The Jewish elite would rule over their Empire from Jerusalem as David and Solomon did in 1000 BC.

Hosein’s thesis is very interesting. He does ask for a leap of faith, however, when he argues that Israel is not at risk of disintegrating and disappearing but will instead become the world’s next ruling state. This contradicts my own views about Israel. I feel an apartheid state – and there is no doubt that Israel is an apartheid state – cannot survive for long in the Fertile Crescent, certainly not in the 21st century. The world is embracing freedom: the Earth’s 6 billion people want freedom, the freedom to express their ideas. But Jews and Israelis have created an apartheid system in Palestine. The apartheid system did not survive in Afrikaner South Africa. Afrikaners horribly mistreated the blacks, but even they did not have a state policy of killing children as the Israeli government does. The Jews actually target Palestinian children. Of course, the Afrikaners did not have an ideology and belief of being “the chosen ones” like the Jews do. I publish below a few paragraphs from the book Jerusalem in the Qur’an which describe the reasons behind Jewish assembling in Israel.

Jews have been quite successfully seduced by Zionism to gather together in Palestine. They were “deceived” by their leaders and now have only themselves to blame, argues Hosein. This is true. Zionism is now fast losing its appeal. The Zionist generation is getting old and the younger generations do not subscribe enthusiastically to the ideology of Zionism, not anymore. The Israeli youth, of whom many are living prosperous lives in Europe and North America, see that behind the impressive seductive powers of Zionism there is emptiness, confusion, and stupidity. What Zionism has actually done is trapped the Jews in Israel. Global geopolitics since the creation of Israel has undergone a big change and now the pressures are piling against the Jews very fast. The Jewish Zionist elite has trapped the ordinary Jews in Israel and left them very few options for escape. I agree with Hosein that the Jews in Israel have put themselves in a dangerous quandary.

Israel’s European allies have so far shown no desire at all to take the Jews back. In fact, the Europeans are happy that the Jews have moved out of Europe. This is evident by the strong European support of Israel, which is effectively a signal to the Jews that they are not welcome to return to Europe. As everyone knows, the Jews have a long history of being expelled from Europe and elsewhere. In AD 70 the Roman army invaded Jerusalem and expelled the Jews from the Holy Lands. The Jewish people then dispersed all over the world and lived among others in the world. During this period of their history, the “Diaspora Jews” were expelled time and time again whenever they gained influence over the rulers (monarchs).  It is uncanny the way this same situation now exists in the United States. The Jews in America have extraordinary power and no American politician will dare to question Israeli policies. And it was for these very reasons in 1290 that the Jews were expelled from England. The Jews were then able to find refuge in European countries as well as in the Muslim Middle East. But it is clear that now no nation, rich or poor, will likely come forward and show their willingness to host the Jewish people when Israel does in fact disintegrate.

Despite everything, it must be accepted that Jewish power and influence in the global corridors of power is huge. The Jewish elite dominates the fields of finance, media, policy-making, and this is causing serious resentment. The Jews exercise near-total domination. In the media and publishing industry, they have become the gatekeepers. There is no real freedom at all for the masses. To control information is to control the mind. The former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad has said that “Jews rule the world by proxy”.

Yet, the 21st century is and will be all about freedom and the unleashing of human brainpower. The Arab masses want and require freedom. So, we can assume that the Jewish dream to dominate the world and to remove freedom from non-Jewish people may remain just a dream. In history, the biggest reason for the repeated expulsion of Jews was the Jewish elite’s desire to oppress the Gentiles. We could argue that Europe is now a civilised group of nations, but the United States is a young nation, only two centuries old. America is not as civilised as Europe. In fact, it is a shallow civilisation. Israel of course has no history at all.  It is like a beast. It is the opposite of civilised.

Therefore, it seems likely that Israel will soon find itself at war with the Arabs in the Middle East. This is because Israel is now crumbling from the inside. And for any nation that is about to crumble from within, there are only two options: (1) to allow the collapse to take place; or (2) to attack others in the hope of saving itself from destruction. The aggression of course unites the country and any booty gained can inject wealth and power into the economy. This is why we see so many failing nations go to war as they have nothing to lose. And we can soon expect Israel to do the same. Israel will at some point be at war with its oil-rich neighbours. This coming war, according to Imran’s thesis, will be over Jerusalem, the new ruling city; and secondly, it will be about the Jews.

Imran Nazar Hosein’s book is powerful and thought-provoking. His explanation of the existence of Israel is from the religious point of view, and religious literature is not always easy to understand or to interpret. But what makes this book so special is the lucidity with which Hosein makes his case. It is very impressive indeed. He undoubtedly has in-depth knowledge of both religious literature and current global affairs. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in understanding current events in the Middle East and their relevance to what has been prophesied in Islamic literature. His book would appear to be the best in this genre. Although Hosein writes an apocalyptic and dark vision of the future, it also gives hope for a better future. A new and more just world will appear after Israel’s reign of darkness is over.

A PDF version of the book Jerusalem in the Qur’an is available free from Imran Hosein’s website.

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By Khalid

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