Accusations, that the Covid-19 virus was engineered and turned into a bioweapon are becoming more vocal now and include the likes of Chinese officials and Professor Francis Boyle, an American human rights lawyer and professor of international law at the University of Illinois. It is becoming apparent now that this virus will solve many pending tasks for those who are behind it. It seems one of the aims of creating this pandemic was to give everyone a big rollercoaster ride. Starting with the fear, as public under the spell of fear will allow the rulers powers to do things which they cannot even envisage using under normal circumstances.

I want to make it clear here that the threat of Coronavirus should not be underestimated and I ask all readers to take all precautions necessary to keep themselves safe. This infectious virus is very dangerous, take it seriously. Please follow the advice given by medical experts. I am not a medical expert. It is hoped that the Chinese may start human trials of their vaccine by the end of April. This article is intended to discuss the geopolitical changes and the domino effect of this pandemic. Now let’s discuss the rollercoaster ride.

Apart from the high cost in terms of human lives, we should expect to witness many other changes, happening globally, related to or triggered by the current events. This article will discuss impending changes in employment sectors, financial sectors, economical sectors, unleashing more wars and changes in international borders. Starting with the big question:

Why Do It And Why Now?
One thing that we should be asking ourselves again and again about this Covid-19 coronavirus is Cui bono “to whom is it a benefit?”

The way the global economies are collapsing indicates the total economic damage will be unprecedented; something far worse than the depression of 1929. The question is, did Humpty Dumpty fall or was it pushed? Below are the charts of the Baltic Dry Index (BDI). The BDI is used to measure container shipping traffic and is the best indicator of the future health of the global economy.

The Baltic Dry Index charts (see in references) show that on:

Dates           BDI Points -/+
14th June 2019 1085.00 0
6th September 2019 2462.00 +56% between June/Sep
3rd January 2020 907.00 -63% between Sep/Jan
7th February 2020 415.00 -83% between Sep/Feb

There was an unusual sharp spike in supply and demand between June 2019 and September 2019, a 56% increase in BDI points. Was someone storing up the goods? Did some people have advance knowledge just like on 11th September 2001, some traders made millions as a result of inside information.  Well, it is easy to point fingers but difficult to prove. However, from September 2019 onward till the Chinese authorities announced the presence of Coronavirus on December 31st 2019, there is a 63% drop in BDI. This would have brought panic in the minds of Chinese and other capitalists.

By February 2020 there was an eighty-three per cent drop in BDI. This is why some have called the timing of this virus ‘convenient’ for most governments. When over 83% of the global trade has disappeared within six months, the public rightly should demand answers from policymakers and the ruling elite. But with the pandemic of fear, the people are fighting among themselves for scraps of food and will soon be begging the ruling elite to provide ease from distress. The elite by their generosity will make huge profits from testing the vaccines on unsuspecting loyal citizens. I will avoid getting into the debate of safety of vaccines as mainstream media will soon start beating the drums for mandatory immunisation.

After the Pandemic
The world has already changed so much that it is so unlike the world of 2019. Most countries are closing their borders and by the looks of it, it’s every nation for itself. How will these countries survive when they are already under huge debt and struggling to pay interest on pre-existing loans? Will they all be surrendering to the will of the ruling cabal? Will liberty and freedom become meaningless? As for individuals their prejudices and ignorance will do them more harm than good. It would be wise to work together for the interest of everyone and the welfare of the community. There are blessings in it when we look after each other’s needs.

Automation and Unemployment
A huge rise in unemployment is inevitable due to;

  • An inevitable result of quarantines will be that small and medium-sized businesses, already struggling, will face closures. Humpty Dumpty!
  • Small and medium-sized businesses will not be able to compete in price wars with larger enterprises and will face closures. Humpty Dumpty!
  • The quarantine will kill the competition. Humpty Dumpty!
  • The arrival of robots to replace manual labour in many manufacturing and storage places has been expected for some time now, e.g. Amazon.
  • However, businesses belonging to the top 1% are less likely to be affected. These are most likely run by AI, e.g. Amazon.

The question arises, what to do with so many unemployed people (Humpty Dumpties’). Don’t worry; this is only the beginning. The rollercoaster has to go through many dark tunnels in the months and years ahead, while the ruling elite is putting the finishing touches to their plan for global centralization, a one-world government. Don’t be fooled by the national leaders telling you they are the ones cooking up the policies to protect the citizens. Take the case of Yemen for example, they had reported no cases of Coronavirus, yet, the Yemeni government is under immense external pressure to close all schools, colleges and universities. Can Yemenis remain Corona free for long? If they can’t, then Yemenis can thank the Egyptian government for returning them 5 planeloads of Yemenis from Egypt. Yes, Egypt has many confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Yes, we are moving towards a cashless society, one step at a time. We are told to fear cash as it spreads viruses. As Master Yoda says, “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. The cashless society will ultimately be enslaved through debt and usury. Checkmate. As the new global currency is planned to be introduced in the coming years, it is becoming all the more difficult to avoid being trapped by the system. Trusting the system created by those who want to enslave you is not always practically wise, as when the system breaks, you will find that the rich have many options and you have none.

Destruction and Economic Revival
My theory is that, firstly, the Coronavirus may push the regions with pre-existing tensions to overspill and launch all-out wars within the coming few years. There are real risks of ‘water wars’ between India and Pakistan, Turkey and its neighbours, Egypt and Ethiopia.

The border changes are likely in Asia and the Middle East, thus, will include Gaza and Palestinians. You can read a full article on Gaza, titled; GAZA: THE PRISON, THE SINAI AND THE OFFSHORE GAS DEPOSITS. While the world is busy with Coronavirus, the Palestinians may face evictions from their homes and unimaginable suffering at the hands of Zionist colonisers. Creation of Greater Israel will bring benefits to certain regional players who have worked hard to appease the Zionist in the last few decades. The Shi’a in Iran, Iraq and Saudi are salivating over the coming changes in regional borders promised by the cabal.

The western economies have been, for some considerable time, either stagnant or in a state of irreversible decline. It is said that, when the dry grass in the jungle stops growing, it is set on fire and after the rains lavish new greener grass replaces the old. The same rule of the jungle has been applied to revive economies; WW1 and WW2 are good examples. How much grass needs to be burned to revive these economies, we will find out whence the rollercoaster ride stops. The ride will stop only after the implementation of:

  • A new economic order
  • A new financial system
  • A new political order
  • A new social order
  • A new ideology and religious thought
  • A new world order

In the meantime, enjoy the ride. During the coming difficult days, remember to be kind, look after yourself, your family, friends and your neighbours’ needs.



6th September 2019

3rd January 2020

7th February 2020


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By Khalid

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