Monday, January 18


The media all over the world is having a grand day educating the public and discussing the dangers as well as health risks posed by the coronavirus. With so many dead, no one can doubt the severity of the threat to human life. It is a very harmful virus. Some researchers have concluded (see link below) that this is no ordinary coronavirus; this particular strain ‘covid-19’ has been engineered in a lab to make it unique. Probably, this is why it is so lethal and it has been difficult to bring forth a vaccine so far. Despite everything, there are many unanswered questions regarding this particular coronavirus. The most important question is where it came from. Who engineered it? Who released it? Will we ever know? Maybe we will never know the answers.

The purpose of writing this article is that I want to share with the RTM readers the positive news, I read online. An Israeli newspaper has published a story that “Israeli scientists: ‘In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine’.” This I think is wonderful news.

With so much fearmongering going on in the media, that has caused so much stress and anxiety. If true, this news should bring some hope and perhaps some relief soon for the families and patients who have suffered so much. This virus, since its release, has brought nothing but misery and chaos to all affected regions.

If and this is a big IF, if the news is proven correct, it will help raise Israel’s profile in the world. Its image of being an oppressor of Palestinians and a pariah state will change overnight to a saviour of the world. It will become the messiah who saved the world from a big disaster.

Maybe, just maybe, one day we will find out about the origin of this deadly virus too.  Please, send us your feedback.





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