If there’s anything that I like about history, it is the consistency of the laws of nature. The same laws that ruled in the past continue to do so in the present. In a way, nothing has changed in millennia.

Whenever, an empire or a ruling state, or a regime becomes repressive, it is soon thrown into the dustbin of obsolescence. This is the law of nature. As long as the ruling elites are creative and beneficial for the people they are allowed to remain in power. As soon as they become complacent and allow injustice and corruption to creep in, they are replaced.

In 2007, I wrote about how the ruling elites always have and continue to control the three isms:

  • Capitalism is controlled by the rich elite.
    • The super-rich control or should I say they restrict the flow of finance. This includes bankers, industrialists, and billionaires.
  • Nationalism is controlled by the political elite.
    • The politicians restrict the physical movements through the legislature.
  • Sectarianism is controlled by the religious elite.
    • The religious elite controls the mental sphere.

In any given system, it is the above three domains of power that dominate and control the whole system. Historians write about powerful figures who once ruled over inhumane systems and played a prominent role just before its collapse. One such famous figure is Ramesses II who reigned between 1279–1213 BC in Egypt, during the time of Prophet Moses.

As is mentioned in the Qur’an, the three most powerful figures before the collapse of the system during this period were:

  • Ramesses II controlled and dominated power as a political Head.
    • Ramesses II ruled as supreme leader and claimed to be God in human form.
  • Hamaan controlled the religious
    • Hamaan held the top position as a religious leader and ruled over all the temples.
  • Qaroon controlled and dominated the business and trade (capital).
    • Qaroon was so wealthy (yet stingy) that 70 camels carried the keys of his wealth.

Ramesses II was the first to invent and apply the divide and rule policy. According to some historians, he divided society into various stratifications, in other words, he invented the caste system.

A few thousand years later, a similar story was repeated when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tried to preach justice to the Makkans, over 1400 years ago. The three figures at that time were:

  • Abu Jahl controlled and dominated the political
    • His real name was Amr b. Hisham al-Mughira. Before Islam, he was known as Abu’l-Hakam, but later on, he was given the title of “Abu Jahl” (the father of ignorance).
  • Abu Lahab controlled and dominated the religious
    • Abu Lahab was a paternal uncle of the prophet. He was also the religious leader in charge of looking after the 360 idols (gods) in Kabbah.
  • Abu Sufyan controlled and dominated the business and trade (capital).
    • Abu Sufyan was not only wealthy, but he was also a man of influence, and often participated in wars against the prophet. He regularly took large caravans for trade to Syria.

It always happens, just prior to the arrival of God’s help, the evil system seems too big and too powerful to fail. The truth is, the obsolescent system’s collapse is always imminent. But those in charge of running the system insist on further empowering the system by repressing and maintaining the status quo.

The 21st century is no different, the same laws still apply. There is one difference. In the past, such tussles between good and evil were confined to regional areas, e.g., within Egypt or Makkah. Now the imperial outreach is global; so single powerful figures are no longer possible, now it is more about the system. Thus, the three entities feeding the obsolescent system now are as follows:

  • The global financial banking system
    • Central Banks and the Bank of International Settlements (capital)
  • WEF, UN and WHO, and other such global institutes
    • Dictating politics to nation-states (e.g., simultaneous lockdowns and the simultaneous launch of digital currencies).
  • Media moguls with agendas and the potential to influence the mind.
    • For most people, the feeding frenzy from the screen has become a form of daily worship.

Yes, the current system is nearing collapse. New sets of rules and narratives are being created to prepare us for the upheaval and transition towards the enslavement of humanity. An important question arises here, what is the reason for all this? There must be a purpose behind it all.

The answers are found when we ask the right questions. By contemplating on what is in common between Ramesses II and Abu Jahl and the WEF? Or Qaroon and Abu Safiyan and Central Banks? Why try to squeeze and squash people financially? Why suppress humanity?

In my personal opinion, and readers may have their own opinions. I do not think the goal is to defeat man financially, physically, or mentally but rather spiritually. The combined effort of all three power domains of an obsolescent system means only one thing, they seek the spiritual defeat of humanity. Maybe, they convince themselves that by spiritually defeating they may prolong their rule over them. Maybe, they believe they can avoid the laws of nature.

Lastly, there is one more phenomenon where the same laws of nature have been observed, and that is Palestine. To be more precise – the occupation of Palestine. The three power domains that have contributed to the occupation of Palestine are:

  • Evangelicals and the Anglican church
    • The support of Zionist Christians has played a vital role in the occupation of Palestine. Their backing ensured that politicians influenced American policies in favour of Israel.
  • Banking system
    • The Rothschild family and other bankers played a crucial role in the creation of Israel.
  • The Epstein syndrome
    • Deception and blackmailing are the two most powerful tools in the arsenal of occupiers. Jeffrey Epstein is alleged (by media reports) to have been blackmailing American elites and he was working for the Mossad. It made me wonder if this was the reason behind Trump’s support for shifting the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump and Epstein were pals.

One person that has lifted the curtain on the deception and fraud by the Zionist entity is Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa (case officer), he penned two books, By Way Of Deception (1990) and The Other Side Of Deception (1992). He wrote the books to draw attention to the corruption and shortcomings that he claims to have witnessed in the Mossad.” Yes, there is corruption, and yes, there’s the daily murder of Palestinians going on, as well as stealing their lands. The question is, is that all, that is going on there. Hmm. I think there has to be more.

If the above thesis is correct that those who are creative, those who pursue knowledge and strive to benefit humanity are given leadership by the Almighty. Then it is only fair to say that, in the last century, the Ottomans were removed because they had become complacent. Then the British and then the Americans were given the baton by the Almighty to build empires because of their creativeness ingenuity and because they had something beneficial to offer humanity.

Now, if Israel succeeds in creating Greater Israel, and Jerusalem becomes the capital of the world, it means Israelis have something beneficial to offer to the world as well. This cannot be outside the laws of nature. However, under the current circumstances, I do think that there will be a huge problem.

According to Glubb’s thesis, any empire in the beginning phase and during its rise tends to be creative, benevolent, their main aim is to help humanity. As you can see, the world is fast moving towards an autocratic global government. This is a bad start. When unelected rulers with unlimited powers introduce fascist policies, it means it is the beginning of the end. So, such empires come with an extremely short lifespan.

The point I am trying to make here is that just like the Pharoah seemed mighty and his system seemed undefeatable, today’s Hamaans and Qaroons will experience the same fate, and not too far in the future, perhaps within a decade or two. The whole oppressive system will be dismantled, will be thrown into the dustbins of history. Such are the laws of nature. Allah knows best.

Stay safe and stay blessed.



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By Khalid

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