Our options are simple; we either educate ourselves through self-direction or by instructions at schools. What is the difference? You may ask. The answer is quite simple, one of the methods involves spoon-feeding. The problems arise when spoon-feeding stops. Not always but in vast cases, as soon as the spoon-feeding stops, so does the learning. Many people after graduation stop learning new knowledge unless they are forced to do so for the sake of their employment. Very few people continue their passion to learn new knowledge.

The children who learn through spoon-feeding tend not to have critical thinking as their strongest skill sets, maybe the schools forgot to teach them that. The critics argue that state education is there for the mass production of an educated workforce for the industry. One may call them, birds with clipped wings so they cannot fly too high then. Their potential for creativity and critical thinking is compromised during school life. They become dependent on spoon-feeding.

The American teacher, John Taylor Gatto, in his book the Weapons of Mass Instructions explained that schools are designed to benefit the system. When the bell rings, he says, it tells the student that they are not important, any learning they are doing at this particular moment is not important, what is important is the system. Must conform to and obey the system. So, school is about conformity, obedience and compliance.

Home-schooling is becoming more popular in America due to its huge benefits. Home-schooling requires discipline and hard work, not only from the students but also from the parents. The truth is, not all parents can be categorized as disciplined. Thus, it can be accepted that home-schooling is not everybody’s cup of tea. The benefits outweigh the cost. Home-schooled children perform 30% better than children who are spoon-fed in education at schools.

My guest Thomas Pochari whom I interviewed opted for home-schooling for his children. He explains why home-schooling is essential for a healthy brain and mind. He discusses why sleep is so critical for the health of the brain. His interview is food for thought for those who want to give the best options available to their children. I thank him for sharing his personal information with us.

Enjoy the interview.

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By Khalid

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