We are living in enlightening dark times. The 21st century is exposing the dark side of the advancements of the modern capitalist system, which is controlled and promoted by the western elites and industrialists. It seems – in the pursuit of profits – nothing is sacred. The illusion of materialistic wealth and growth is destroying Mother Earth. The seas are dying, as are the forests and the fertile lands are no longer fertile. Pesticides and chemical fertilisers have virtually killed the topsoils. It is just a matter of time before we begin to see crop failures everywhere.

Any foods grown in unhealthy and unnatural topsoil cannot be good for health. We need to eat organic foods, is the message given by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, the author of Vegetarianism Explained: Making an Informed Decision (Medinform Publishing, 2017).  Natasha has done a brilliant job in trying to expose the myths propagated by the agrochemical industry during the last century. Our health is being harmed by modern agricultural practices promoted by the agrochemical industry. We need to wake up to the fact that “the industrial agriculture is focused on profits and not health.” As Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says:

“The greed of these companies is never ending: no matter how much profit they produce this year, they must produce more the next year. How can they do that? By selling more chemicals and machinery to the farmers. How can they do that? By creating more arable lands and more demand for plant matter. In order to do that they created propaganda for vegetarianism, and a slogan ‘we must feed the planet!’, which our government officials are parroting to the population. Yet, every year, our industrial agriculture overproduces grain! This fact is carefully hidden, while the media gives people the idea that we are not producing enough. So governments dictate that more land should be ploughed, more pasture and forest should be converted to arable fields and more grain should be grown. All this is done in order to increase the profits of the agrochemical commercial complex.”

Furthermore, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains that the topsoil is actually an ecosystem, the worms and other tiny creatures and animals that naturally live in the fields, together make the topsoil rich. However, modern farming techniques have separated the animals from pastures. As a result, the cattle are prisoned in limited spaces and fed overproduced grains. “Grain is not an appropriate food for cows and other herbivore animals; it makes them ill.” The cattle are fed chemicals to produce three times more milk than normal. Regular doses of antibiotics and other chemicals mixed with the feeds are making the cattle ill too. The animals are dying younger from cancers and other illnesses.

Industrial agriculture is rapidly becoming the most powerful destructive force on our planet, says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Most vegetables that we buy at superstores are contaminated with pesticides. Although we have made much progress during the last century in terms of technology (so-called enlightenment), but during the same period, we have lost the old knowledge. Humans have been meat eaters since antiquity. We are omnivores; probably we are the only creatures who have both types of teeth, for chewing like the herbivores and for biting like the carnivores.

Our bodies are not designed for processed non-organic foods. Our ancestors used to eat natural full-fat foods; they used to cook foods in animal fats. Eating animal fats are not unhealthy at all, and eating fats do not make you fat. It is the processed oils and processed fats that are unhealthy. In fact, it is the processed foods that create the fats in our bodies, because they are unnatural and our bodies do not know what to do with them, so it stores them as fats, says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

In my view, it seems as if the modern food industry creates customers for the pharmaceutical industry. They promote junk foods in the media. Collectively, the unhealthy triad is harming our health.

Agricultural and Foods Industries <<$$$>> Media <<$$$>> Pharmaceutical Industries

Agricultural Industry passes on the insecticides and pesticides infected poisonous foods to the Food Industry. The Food Industry adds more chemicals and preservatives in the processing plants before sending it all to the store shelves. We buy these foods and then go pay the pharmaceutical industry for keeping us hooked on drugs that never heal us from illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other food-related diseases. We become trapped in a vicious circle. At least we are making the agrochemical industry profits.

Have we crossed the Rubicon? Is the future all doom and gloom? Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is more optimistic than I am. I list below some of the tips and advises from her book that will help reduce the risks to our health:

  1. Eat only natural and organic foods as much as possible.
  2. Try to grow your own vegetables.
  3. Use natural salt rather than table salt.
  4. Soya derived foods are estrogenic. Men should refrain from consuming Soya derived foods.
  5. Avoid all genetically modified foods.
  6. Totally stop buying vegetable oils. Cold pressed oils, like olive oil and mustard oil are healthy.
  7. Eating butter and organic eggs is healthy. And raw milk is the best.
  8. Animal meat provides us with many vitamins such as B12. Vegetarianism or plant-only diets are unnatural.

Alas, the list is very long and I am unable to compress the whole book into an article. The book is only 192 pages but it packs a heavy punch. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has written a powerful and compelling book with passion and has made a sincere attempt to alert readers about the dangers of eating foods which are damaging to our health. She covers nearly every major related topic including, wheat, gluten, the cholesterol hoax as well as the biggest addiction of our era, sugar. If you are interested in finding the truth; why your foods are damaging your health then this is the book you must read.

The true enlightenment comes from true knowledge and from true understanding and finally taking action based on the understanding. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has lit a small candle with huge potential for light in this darkness filled greedy world. Her candid approach and brave truth-telling is plausible. Perhaps, this is why her books are not published by mainstream publications. The book is rich in quirky detail that turns century old propaganda on its head. If truth can be guilty of thought provocativeness, then this book has achieved just that.

We need to keep in mind that wherever there is an opportunity to make easy money, everywhere, including religious institutes and charities; we should expect charlatans to have a presence there. The agrochemical and food industries should not be seen any different. Naively, we place too much trust in brands, not realising they are only after profits at the expense of our health. All processed foods are contaminated by greed and obsession with profits. It’s about time we started to put our health first on our priority list and work towards restoring our health and thereby restoring the mind.

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By Khalid

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