We like to believe that we are intelligent and smart, that we can detect con artists if and when they try to trick us. We believe that our brains are powerful enough to detect deception. The problem is science and technology have advanced so much that we barely realise we are being deceived. Those with vested interests spend billions trying to deceive the masses. Brexit is a good example. 52% of the UK population were deceived.

Then there are these everyday deceptions and small lies the brain has become normalised with, and we accept these lies as truth. For example, we were told that raw milk is bad for health, and eggs are bad for cholesterol. These are lies that many believe to be true. The opposite is the truth. I can say from my personal experience that as a young child I used to drink Buffalo’s raw milk.

Now we are being told that lamb meat and beef are unhealthy. The truth is sheep farming and cow farming at the industrial level are not profitable. they want to reduce lamb meat and beef consumption by 50% by 2030. And zero consumption by 2050. The billionaires want full control of the food chain. They are using mainstream media to tell lies to the masses. They are promoting vegetarian diets for everyone.

Propaganda and deception are the real agendas of the mainstream media. The main job of the mainstream media is brainwashing the masses, fulfilling the elite’s plans. We are being deceived. We are addicted to lies. We prefer sweet lies and do not like unsavoury truth.

Dr Natasha Campbell McBride shares some unsavoury truths in this interview. She has done a splendid job. She has dedicated her life to the search for truth. Her books are available to buy online.

You can visit the following websites for further information:

Gaps Diet

Doctor Natasha

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By Khalid

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