The political turmoil in Pakistan is far from just a coincidence. To those with a keen eye, this was expected. The situation had been brewing since the summer of 2021. The MQM leadership in London was made aware of these plans last year. It was an elaborately planned plot to oust Imran Khan from power. The whole operation stinks of the modus operandi of the American empire. I am not complaining about the American empire, as that is what empires do. My concern here is what the Pakistanis did and what the Pakistanis do. Hypocrisy with Allah!

I wrote an article just before the elections of 2018 and predicted that Imran Khan’s party would not succeed. The logic behind my thinking was that not only the establishment in Pakistan is corrupt, but almost all the institutions are corrupt, as corrupt as the society itself. I suspected in 2018 that the institutions would not be able to have a harmonious relationship with Imran Khan. Imran Khan has proven my point in 2022. He has exposed the institutions as corrupt.

The famous Pakistani scholar Dr Israr Ahmed, during one of his most powerful lectures, accused the Pakistani nation of being hypocrites. I remember listening to one of his other lectures where he described how the Pakistani nation may face divine punishment for their hypocrisy, and that we should repent and seek refuge in Allah from His wrath. Could Imran Khan have been ousted without hypocrites and their hypocrisy at the highest level?

I think we also need to examine the motives behind this fiasco. I do not think this issue is just about the institutions or just about corruption. I do not think it is about Imran Khan either. To be honest, Khan was serving western interests exceptionally well. He brought the IMF into the country, there were more than 13 technocrats in his government, the central bank was going to be made independent or has been made independent already, I recall the matter was in the parliament, a while back. The globalists have an obedient Prime Minister in place. Then why do the Americans want a regime change? You may ask.

The answer is very simple, the American empire is obsessed with the fear of China. America wants to contain China. To contain China, the Americans need help from India. Americans have been trying to set up Indians against China for decades now, by supplying them with weapons and other technologies. To keep the balance of power, China helps Pakistan build weapons domestically. India does not feel safe going against China as long as Pakistan is a militarily strong country. It’s like a game of chess.

As far as China is concerned, China wants to develop its western half of the country, this will make China much stronger. China is working on a trade route to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan and will be using Pakistan’s port Gwadar, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The CPEC is bothering both America and India. India is not part of the CPEC and feels left out of this huge cake. India would like to have control of CPEC if it can occupy the Pakistan side of Kashmir. Hence, India is obsessed with Pakistan’s Kashmir. India’s agenda is to take control of Kashmir from Pakistan.

The former ISI chief Hamid Gul once remarked that the route to Kashmir is through Karachi. The latest development in regime change suggests it is time for Karachi to be destabilised. It seems the road to China goes through Karachi. The MQM party will play a key role in the anarchy and bloodshed in Karachi. This will significantly weaken Pakistan from the inside. A regime change in Pakistan is in India’s and America’s best interests.

Some Lessons to Be Learned by the PTI

I am not a PTI supporter, nor am I anti-PTI. I am not a member of any political party anywhere in the world. I am an analyst and a critic. I will say one thing in favour of PTI. PTI government may have made lots of mistakes, maybe too many for my liking but they performed much better than their opponents.

However, apart from Imran Khan, there was no other honest and trustworthy leader. Imran Khan had his own weaknesses. One point I will mention here is the leadership’s failure to help the youth of PTI in becoming independent thinkers and having the ability for self-analysis. Without this, you risk building a cult rather than building a nation. As things stand, PTI without Imran Khan would fall like a House of Cards. Is PTI an ideology-based party or a personality-based party? Do the PTI youth understand what their ideology is?

For PTI it is time for introspection, to learn from their mistakes, to make a comeback by learning from their mistakes. Proving to people like myself that they have learned from their mistakes.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is a small piece in a bigger jigsaw. The world has entered into an era of fear, tyranny, and anarchy. Pakistan has chosen to walk on this same path. Pakistan has chosen to follow the orders of the globalists. The globalists want wars. Pakistani elite has entered the arena with hypocrisy.

May Allah help the innocents.


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By Khalid

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