Our Vision

We are living with technology and information, and some would say that this is the Age of Technology and the Age of Information. Perhaps it is, but we should not exaggerate: technology, and the information that arises from technology, is still exerting a very modest influence in our lives. We do not lack confidence, however, and with all this technological wizardry at our disposal we like to see ourselves as omniscient and omnipotent, or nearly so. That we are not is obvious, yet we do strive for power and a mastery over things.

We consider ourselves to have an advanced civilization, the most advanced civilization in history. There is truth in this, and we can be proud of our achievements in the sciences and medicine. We have invented computer and satellite technology. Our prowess is impressive and growing. This advance in our efficiency and in the power of our technology is enabling us to gain deeper and presumably more accurate information about ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

But by nature we are predatory beings. Our instincts propel us to endeavor to conquer and to control everything and anything that exists within our reach and our domains. And we are continuing to march forcefully ahead to conquer whatever remaining entities which we have thus far not brought under our control. It is really quite astonishing and mind-boggling: whether that entity is on land, under the sea, or in space, we shall conquer it; we shall bring it under our reign and under our control. Humanity does wish to rule over everything. Our outlook and attitude is: if it exists, then we must conquer it. Nothing is unconquerable, nothing is unattainable. The power is in the human mind. Our wish to conquer is in the human mind.

The mind and brain is thus an extraordinary force, a powerful and potent force. The central organizing force of the human brain is creativity and indeed we can say that the brain is underpinned and driven by creativity. The brain flourishes with creativity – and perhaps only with creativity.

We may even be able to say that the mind is creativity. We are inspired by the force of the mind. It is agony and ecstasy at the same time. Agony and pain is felt, intensely felt, when the phenomenon of creativity is weak and infrequently present. And perhaps we could argue that this is the nature of the human mind and brain. Creativity is the supreme force of the universe. It plays a pivotal role in powering the human mind.

It is the power of the mind that restores the mind. It is the power of the mind that inspires the mind. Our “therapy” is to perform at the brain’s highest and optimum levels. We reach for the impossible and achieve our goals, and this is the ecstasy. Nothing can stop us. The ecstasy lies in our attempt to ascend to greater and greater heights and forge the creativity and power that we will need – for building and restoring the power of the mind.

Our Goals:        

  • We shall seek to share and spread knowledge and an understanding of the mind and all  its  domains.
  • We shall seek to establish a wide and all-encompassing forum where professionals as well as non-professionals from everywhere in the world can come together and help each other as they strive to solve the enigma of the mind.
  • We shall seek to bring together researchers, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, geneticists, biologists, behavioral scientists, psychologists, and others in the academic fields of the mind and brain and to cross-fertilize their ideas for the benefit of all. We will pay particular attention to those who suffer from the maladies of the mind, and we shall seek to create a truly global audience for their ideas and contributions.
  • We shall seek to provide information and literature on mental health issues and to give advice and counseling to those who seek it.
  • We shall seek to bring together and unite and of course expand the knowledge of the mind.

We wish to help you unleash the power and potential of the mind. Our world is the mind. We must expand our world and the power of the mind, and we must admit that we are still very much ignorant. This is the vision of RESTORINGTHEMIND.COM.

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