Ever since, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II refused to sell land, belonging to the Palestinians, to the Zionists; the Ashkenazi jews have faced two dilemmas in their pursuit of the project Greater Israel. Firstly, how to remove Palestinians from their land, and secondly how to convince the Jews living in Europe to migrate to Palestine.

The Europeans are not losing any sleep concerning either of the policies. In fact, the Europeans are happy that the Jews have moved out of Europe. This is evident by the strong European support of Israel, which is effectively a signal to the Jews that they are not welcome to return to Europe.” The anti-Jewish sentiment has always been quite strong in the European corridors of power. The Pale of Settlement is a good example, where the Jews used to be prohibited from leaving the ghettos at night. After 6 pm the ghettos would be locked from the outside daily. Neither Jews nor Europeans have forgotten this part of their history.

Now the Ashkenazi Jews are desperate to increase the Jewish population in the Levant. So far, the only way Zionists have succeeded in increasing the numbers is by generating crisis. There are two types of crisis they have deployed to convince the Jews to migrate: major events and minor events.

During the last century, there were three major events, in my opinion, that significantly increased Jewish migration to Palestine:

  • World War One
    • Hundreds of thousands of Jews migrated from Europe to Palestine
    • Between 1933 and 1936, 130,000 Jews migrated to Palestine
  • World War Two
    • Millions migrated to Palestine during and after the war
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union

There have been many minor incidents intended to convince Jews to migrate to Israel.  One may argue that forcing Jews to migrate to Israel is probably the biggest story no one is telling.

These minor incidents that I am referring to are serious acts of terrorism that took place in Europe within the last 20 years, resulting in the death of many innocent people.

I want to clarify here that I am not suggesting nor arguing that the perpetrators of these evil acts were not Muslims. We all know there are plenty of religious leaders who would be willing to sell their souls to the devil. There is no shortage of extremist religious preachers who (while on the payroll of secret service agencies) hypocritically preach to their gullible students to seek martyrdom, convincing them that martyrs will be granted the highest ranks in paradise, while their children are studying in top universities in America and Europe.

The majority of humans by nature are lazy and they seek shortcuts in their life. The stooges who carry out evil acts of terror are probably brainwashed into believing, they will be granted the highest ranks in paradise for killing innocent civilians. This is against the teaching of Islam. RTM readers know very well, brainwashing the feeble-minded is not a new phenomenon. Islamic history is full of traitors who have done more harm to Islam than the enemies. But, the important question is, who was pulling the strings and who had the political motives, who would benefit from it.

Victor Ostrovsky, the ex-Mossad officer authored the book By Way of Deception The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer, and exposes some of the methods used by the people he worked with. He says:

 “Its full name is Ha Mossad, le Modiyn ye le Talkidim Mayuhadim [the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations]. Our motto is: ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” P63

“The Mossad is known to use them, and they wanted to pin this double hit on one of the PLO factions rather than take the blame — or credit — themselves.” P155

“Metsada decided to put a pressure mine inside his car seat. But because they didn’t want the French to suspect the Mossad, the bomb was deliberately made to look as if it was homemade, filled with nuts and sharp scrap iron. The bomb was fitted with a heavy metal plate at the bottom so that it would blow up, not down, when pressure was placed on it.” P205

In very rare and unusual circumstances any government agency would accept responsibility for any of the activities they participate in. In most cases, the PR teams get involved and the media just parrots a story given to them. Probably this is why so many people are reluctant to believe in propaganda in the mainstream media.

Coming back to the topic of migration from Europe to Palestine, here are some of the news articles from the last decade.

BBC – 13 January 2015
‘Not safe’: French Jews mull Israel emigration

National Post – 28 December 2016
Israeli defence minister urges Jews to leave France, lashing out at countries that backed UN resolution

National Geographic – 20 November 2019
‘Things have only gotten worse’: French Jews are fleeing their country
Facing record levels of anti-Semitism, members of Europe’s largest Jewish population seek a new life in Israel—and face new challenges.

Middle East Monitor – 24th December 2021
Three Israeli plans for 2022
The first plan: The Israelis plan to absorb a potential new wave of immigrants from Ukraine.

Many of the acts of terrorism in Europe, in the last 20 years happened in major cities like London, Marseille, Nice, Paris.  Places where there was a strong Jewish community. But, later on, many of them migrated to Israel. My thesis is that there is a correlation between the two; acts of terrorism and Jewish migration to Israel. It is quite likely that these acts were carried out by the Israeli intelligence rather than the Muslims. Yes, the evidence could be circumstantial. I cannot deny that this could be just a coincidence. I have only tried to connect the dots.

Below is a list of some of the cities where acts of terrorism took place in the last 20 years. I excluded some of the cities such as Hamburg, Strasbourg, and Utrecht, and many more for two reasons. Mainly, due to the reduced severity of the incident (which seemed befitting the criminal category rather than the terror category), secondly, there was a less Jewish population in those towns and cities.

City Name Jewish Population in City Total Population
London Jews (1.8%) 8,961,989
Glasgow Glasgow currently has the seventh-largest Jewish population in the United Kingdom after London, Manchester, Leeds, Gateshead, Brighton, and Bournemouth



Frankfurt Over 7,000 inhabitants were affiliated with the Jewish community, amounting to approximately 1% of the population.



Paris The Jewish population of the Paris Region was estimated in 2014 to be 282,000, the largest concentration of Jews in the world outside of Israel and the United States. 2,175,601
Nice, France Was 20,000 over fifteen years ago, now above 3000 maybe 341,032
Würzburg, Germany Jewish (0.3%) 126,954
Munich, Germany 0.3% Jewish 1,488,202
Manchester Jewish population is estimated at between 27,000 and 30,000. 6,547,000
Barcelona Has the largest Jewish community in Spain, with an estimated 3,500 Jews living in the city.
Marseille Jewish (52,000 or 4.9%) 868,277
Vienna, Austria According to the 2001 census, 0.5% were Jewish 2.6 million
Amsterdam 3,000 + 1,700 1,132,000

Sadly, these acts of terrorism did achieve their intended goals, migration to Israel increased. But the pace of migration is slow. Ashkenazi Jews are losing patience. Sephardi Jews in Europe seem to be showing some reluctance in moving to Israel. Some analysts assume that there may be a growing schism between the two groups. Ashkenazi Jews are the dominating group and they have an ace up their sleeve. His name is Eric Zemmour.

According to Aljazeera:
“Eric Zemmour, the French far-right presidential candidate, made a career out of controversy as a provocative writer and a regular TV commentator for almost 20 years.”
“Zemmour’s political party for the 2022 elections is named “Reconquête” (“Reconquest”). Critics view this name as a nod to the Spanish “Reconquista” – the historical period when Christian forces expelled Muslims and Jews from the Iberian Peninsula.”

It is my prediction that as Hitler started the war in the Pale of Settlement to send Jews to Palestine; Zemmour is likely to start a civil war in France to force the French Jews to migrate to Israel. If Zemmour wins the elections, then it is likely that he will do everything in his power to help the cause of Greater Israel. If Germany can be destroyed to create Israel, then the destruction of France must be worth the price of creating Greater Israel.

The wars for Greater Israel have been going on for more than a century now. For over 100 years European Jews have been migrating to the Middle East. However, in the last 20 years, as the wars intensified in the Middle East, Middle Easterners have been migrating to Europe to seek refuge from the conflicts. Now the traffic is moving in both directions; Jews moving out and Arabs moving in.

I wonder what the Europeans would think of this new development. Do the Europeans think they have got a bargain; they got rid of the Jews and replaced them with the Arabs, or do the Europeans think they are better off without them all. What do you think?

The Middle Eastern region is tense once again. The Greater Israel project is still on the table.  The climax is just around the corner. May God have mercy on us all.

Stay safe stay blessed.

Most of the information is available on Wikipedia. I have tried to provide links for most of the sources I used, if not all of them.

Aljazeera article on EU borders

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By Khalid

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