Potentially, we are protean beings with high intellect. It is our versatility that empowers us. This is the secret of our progress, adaptability and innate instinct for self-growth. This is why we admire proactive people who inspire others as opposed to reactive individuals. The reactive types usually are not self-motivated and tend to avoid responsibility. Although our goal in life is self-growth, our pursuit of life is predominantly for truth; the truth of everything. It is this search for truth that sets us apart from the animal kingdom. We put ourselves in peril when we stop searching for the truth, believing that we already have it. In other words, we become dogmatic.

Yes, dogma. That is the tragedy of our education system; we mass produce certified graduates who have no idea about the realities of life. By looking at the number of individuals attending counsellors or psychiatrists in the West, we can assume that a large segment of them, mostly educated, lack even the basic skills needed to change course in life for the better. Since we cannot afford stagnation, a change in life towards positivity is the only course of action available to us. So, how can we move towards positivity? Michael J. Losier, the author of Law Of Attraction; The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t (Wellness Central, 2006), suggests that by mentally shifting our paradigm, we can improve our prospects in life. By simply working on the vibration that we emit we can potentially alter the results of our actions and thoughts.

The argument he presents is that “Each one of us sends out either a positive or negative vibration”, and when we are emitting these vibes, it is quite logical to assume that same type of vibes come back to us in a sort of ‘boomerang’ way. What goes around comes around. The idea is very simple but powerful. The strategy he offers is to change our vocabulary and use words which emit positive vibes while omitting words with negative connotations such as “don’t, not and no.

The way the law of attraction works is this; you will attract the type of vibes you send out. Thus, “each time you hear yourself using don’t, not or no, ask yourself “So, what do I want?””, then replace existing negatives with positives; including spoken words and emotions as well as feelings. The model is quite flexible, e.g. “giving attention increases vibration”, meaning the more positive focus and energy we give to our desires, the more rewards we reap. “Appreciation and gratitude help you send out strong positive vibrations.” It is not a new idea but it is fascinatingly a useful idea, especially when you think of the cost and reward. The cost is minimal and the rewards are potentially huge.

Michael J. Losier has written a brilliant and enlightening book that teaches the readers how to bring change into their lives. Overall the book is very easy to read and understand. I recommend readers to take time reading, contemplating and working on the exercises. The book is aimed at the general readers as well as professionals like school teachers. This book is not the panacea for all the things that are missing in our education system as mentioned above, but it is a step in the right direction. It is an ideal and helpful tool for personal development and restoring the mind.

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By Khalid

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