The general public has almost always been kept in the dark by their leadership, concerning the decisions and the reasons behind them. One thing the public doesn’t realise is that all leaders regularly tell lies to their domestic audiences while speaking truthfully to diplomats and international leaders. This aspect of leadership was discussed in the book by John J. Mearsheimer, Why Leaders Lie: The Truth about Lying in International Politics (OUP, 2013). You too must have realised by now that BoJo and co are pathological liars, then again, so are Biden, Sisi, and Modi.

In my opinion, and I hope I am wrong, leaders of vassal states are more prone to hiding truths from the public related to policies dictated to them by external powers. The prime example is Brexit. The British politicians told lies to their public so that people would vote to leave the European Union. The biggest beneficiaries of Brexit are the capitalists.

The capitalists invested a huge amount of money in marketing campaigns to make sure that people vote for Brexit. Five years on it is now apparent that the Brexit referendum has unleashed a disaster on the British public. The result is that it has become apparent after Brexit that England is no longer an independent state, it is a vassal state. The capitalists now own it.

Hence, with regards to Pakistan, one should not remain deluded indefinitely. It is a fact that Pakistan is not an independent state, it is a captive nation, a vassal state, it always has been. Its domestic policies, as well as foreign policies, are at times dictated by others, meaning the capitalists, the IMF is one example, there are other groups too.

Lately, the Pakistani media has been busy praising the Prime Minister for his famous statement regarding the bases. But can a developing country like Pakistan, up to its neck in debt, rebel against the international capitalists? The answer is no, it cannot. So, was that interview just a marketing ploy to fool the gullible public?

Secondly, you may recall, the Prime Minister was praised for a similar speech which he gave at the UN General Assembly, in September of 2019. He spoke against the capitalists in that speech. In the last part of the speech, the Prime Minister spoke of climate change.

Again, you will have noticed that within days, of his latest media interview in which he famously replied “Absolutely not”, he stated that the glaciers are melting faster and climate change has become an urgent issue. Was this a signal to assure the capitalists that Pakistan is not rebelling and continues to be a vassal state?

In the old days, politicians like Benazir Bhutto would regularly repeat the word ‘democracy’ in their speeches to assure the international players that they will obey them and not change the status quo if the job of leadership of the country is given to them.

Since then, the world has changed with the arrival of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in a dominating role and the new secret code word for obedience is “climate change”. It seems as if it is the WEF that is dictating policies to every country and telling them what to do.

Climate change is the pet project of the WEF which was founded in 1971 (see the video by Corbett Report to understand the truth about the WEF). Independent researchers like Ice Age Farmer have shown evidence and proven that crisis is being manufactured and it is not a natural phenomenon. See his videos on food shortages and supply chain disruption and manufactured water crisis.

Travel blogger Peter Santenello during his trip to Hunza Valley last year asked locals if the glaciers were melting and the locals replied they are not. The Prime Minister claims that the glaciers are melting, showing his support for climate change. Who to believe?

Not many Pakistanis are aware of the fact that “Build Back Better World” (B3W) and the 1 billion tree project that the Prime Minister has been promoting, in reality, are WEF projects. The WEF intends to plant one trillion trees globally (see 1t dot org). This shows that Pakistan is their vassal state and Pakistan has to obey the orders given by the capitalists. The Prime Minister’s job is to convince the public that it is their government that is making the policies.

Maybe I am being too harsh on the Prime Minister and Pakistan. I accept that Pakistan is genuinely in a difficult situation. They do not wholeheartedly support the decisions they are forced into making under the circumstances as was the case in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.

It is not an easy task to keep your people’s love and at the same time to follow the policies of capitalists. I do feel sympathy for Imran Khan the Prime Minister. Genuinely, I do feel that Pakistan has a great future, it has huge potential brainpower at its disposal. Do you think Pakistan will break free from the clutches of the international capitalists anytime soon? I mean, seriously.

Pakistan, in my view, is like a giant elephant, a captive elephant. Just imagine a giant elephant tied up with ropes all over it, which do not let it move. Due to these ropes and chains, it is unable to fulfill its potential. What do I mean by these ropes? I mean the internal and external forces.

Internally: the politicians are corrupt, the bureaucracy is corrupt, the judiciary is corrupt, the police are corrupt, unchallenged capitalist mafias, a business culture that is based on corruption. Has an education system that is designed to suppress the potential of the students. The Healthcare system is as bad as the rest of the systems. Externally: the foreign debt and usury, as well as animosity from India and interference from other foreign states, are contributing factors.

Can Pakistan free itself from all those ropes and chains without a revolution? Maybe not, but without the revolution, if it can get rid of usury and bring justice, that would be a good start towards progress.

May Allah protect the people everywhere, in every corner of the earth. Ameen

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By Khalid

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