Thursday, August 13


As we enter 2009, I am realizing that George W. Bush has an important legacy. The ongoing culling of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israelis has convinced me that Bush has bequeathed to us something quite extraordinary. The massacres of Palestinians in Gaza are criminal, pure and simple. The Palestinians, of course have no way of defending themselves against the Israeli (“made in the USA”) bombs. My first instinct was to condemn Bush for his unconditional support of the Israeli war machine. But then I realized George Bush has been a godsend to the Palestinians and Arabs. Yes, he is a “friend” of the Arabs.

I mean no disrespect to the over two million dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush and his war party come close to being “war criminals.” They should and will be prosecuted one day for their part in crimes against humanity. But Bush is a friend of the Arabs. In fact, I think that Bush while in power continued the unfinished work of Saddam Hussein. Saddam was a staunch Arab nationalist and a pro-Palestinian.  If history chooses not to forget Saddam Hussein, then it will be for showing the Arabs the way to freeing the Holy Land from the East European Zionist occupiers. Saddam Hussein realised in the 1980s that the Arabs could not defeat Israel unless they united and removed the Arab colonial borders. That is Saddam’s legacy: he was the first to attempt to erase the European colonial borders in the Middle East. The sentiment now on the “Arab street” is to unite the whole region.

George W. Bush during his eight-year reign in the White House gave unconditional support to Israel. This appalled many people around the world, even in the United States, but the result of this unconditional support can now be witnessed in Gaza. The Israelis relish killing defenseless women and children. These regular massacres are breeding hatred in the minds of Arabs across the region. There is a growing determination to get rid of the occupiers. The wish to destroy Israel has always been there, but now Bush just greatly amplified those wishes. I believe that the Arabs have made up their minds to restore freedom in the region. They will launch a Jihad, that is, a war, a large war. Millions will join the Muslim army. Zionism may have brought power and wealth to the Jews, but it is serving to unite the Arabs and Muslims. Saddam Hussein sacrificed Iraq to win freedom for the Arabs, and now the question is whether Bush is following in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein and effectively destroying the United States. The ironies of history are fascinating. Thanks to George Bush, the Arabs are restoring the power of their minds.

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