Wednesday, October 21


The Muslim ummah is facing probably one of the worst periods in its entire history. The blame for this quagmire rests on the shoulders of the inept and corrupt leadership of the Muslims. Muslim leaders’ silence is deafening when it comes to oppression of Rohingyas, Kashmiris, Uighurs or Palestinians. One expects the leaders in Muslim countries to show some common sense and attempt to unite for the common cause i.e. safeguarding the wellbeing of all the Muslims.

Sadly, the recent summit in Malaysia, intended to unite the major Muslim countries, has proven that Muslim leaders are incapable of uniting. The Saudi rulers decided to sabotage the Malaysia summit by forcing Pakistan to pull out of the summit meeting. The given reason that Saudis were concerned that the meeting could create a new bloc to rival the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is just an excuse. Truth is Saudis opposed the main item on the agenda at the meeting i.e. gold Dinar for trade purposes among member countries. For Saudis, the Gold Dinar means the death of Saudi rule.

Allow me to explain, in the early 1970s the Saudi King Faisal made an agreement with the USA to sell OPEC oil in dollars (petrodollar) in exchange for guarantees that Al Saud would continue to rule over the land. Now if the petrodollar collapses as a global reserve currency, it means the end of the road for Al Saud rule. Perhaps this is the reason Saudis paid for the Iraq war. Saddam Hussain had stopped using the dollar to sell Iraqi oil. Similarly, Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi tried to create gold currency. Like Saddam, Gaddafi died with the blessings of his Arab brethren rulers who have vowed to protect the dollar. It is clear that Saudis will do everything to save the dollar.  That includes sacrificing the ummah.

The Four Attendees
What does the future hold for the four countries that attended the meeting? Clearly, there will be repercussions. Iran is probably next on the list for destruction as it dropped the dollar in favour of Euro in April 2018. Israel routinely announces that it is keen to be involved in attacking the Persian nation. Some predict that Iran could be attacked between the spring and summer of 2020.  So far the riots and years of sanctions have failed to break the spirit of Iranians. The public seems united with the Government.

Here you can see the problem of the ummah. Any unity is inside the walls of a nation-state.

The divided ummah is ruled by inept and corrupt leaders. Nationalism is the curse that is bringing the destruction on ummah one by one. Each is destined to suffer in turn. This destruction will continue until Muslims remove the imbeciles from power as well as erasing the borders to unite the ummah. For Muslims, the change of leadership has become too important an issue to ignore.

Turkish leadership will not be able to avoid years of sanctions in the next decade it seems, and then finally war with Zionists for the freedom of the region. As for Qatar and Malaysia, I think I like their leaders.

Regarding Saudis, it is palpable, as long as the dollar retains its reserve currency status, the Al Saud is safe. As for Imran Khan, was he wise to heed? Tell me your opinion…

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