The Western ruling elite and the rulers of their vassal states in the Middle East seem to be paralysed by fear. They no longer even pretend to have any real creative thinking. And since these rulers’ thinking is obsessively grounded on fear, their domestic and international policies are also centered on fear. They foresee and fear the collapse of the system, the capitalist system. The fact is; a hundred years of controlling the Middle East is coming to an end. It is very likely that the Middle East will be the graveyard for the usury system and capitalism, which the global elite have used to enslave the masses.

The American empire is the last of its kind. Its demise will be an end of an era. In its early days, the American elite benefited the most from the traditional form of slavery to build their wealth and power. Historically, all empires were initially built on the backs of slavery. Any future empire, however, will have to utilise a different form of slavery to gain power. The contemporary modern enslavers are using deception to enslave the masses. They have successfully managed to make (the enslaved) people believe that they have freedom. The chains with which the masses consent to be happily shackled by is no other than the ‘usury’ based Western capitalism.

Aldous Huxley, the author of “Brave New World”, a dystopian novel written in 1931, describes ‘capital’ as:

“Capital is what is left over after the primary needs of a population have been satisfied. But the primary needs of most of the people in underdeveloped countries are never fully satisfied. At the end of each year almost nothing is left over, and there is therefore almost no capital available for creating the industrial and agricultural plant, by means of which the people’s needs might be satisfied.”

Otherwise camouflaged under beautiful words, the usury based capitalist system in reality is a con to deprive the masses of their capital. Michael Hudson, the author of, Killing the Host, has described the Western banking system as a parasite.

Instead of creating a mutually beneficial symbiosis with the economy of production and consumption, today’s financial parasitism siphons off income needed to invest and grow. Bankers and bondholders desiccate the host economy by extracting revenue to pay interest and dividends.

One must then wonder why the bankers are so interested in creating new wars. One of the biggest reasons for the Middle Eastern wars is to delay the inevitable collapse of the system, i.e. the Western financial system, a tool often used by the West as a weapon to dominate and subjugate the poorer nations. The bankers lend capital on interest to wage the new wars, and again after the wars, when the governments need new capital to revive the economies. In this way, the bankers continue to control governments and prevent the potential growth of their economies.

The economies of the Western nations have been in recession for over 10 years now and need new investment. The plundered wealth of the past colonial era has all been consumed by the debt derived from the usury system and fiat money created by the bankers. The problem with usury is that the debt continues to grow unabated and after a certain time period, the debt begins to destroy the economy of the debtors.

The banking elite insists that no country can remain debt free. Hence, many countries are expected to default on their debt payments, mostly owed to the IMF, World Bank and to each other, within the next 5 to 7 years. Countries which adopted austerity to save their capital, such as the UK, by stopping investment in people and industries, have not benefited from such policies. A second financial collapse, similar to the 2008 collapse is predicted in the near future.

The key objective of the Middle Eastern wars is to inject impetus into the lifeless carcass called “capitalism”. The system has created so much debt that it should no longer be called capitalism but rather by a more appropriate name, “debtism”.

The Middle Eastern wars are important to the Western elite for two reasons; oil and gas, and secondly to suppress the alternative financial system that Islam offers. Usury is strictly prohibited in Islam, hence the reason for promoting Islamophobia in the west i.e. to oppose any such ideology which can free the masses from enslavement.  Is this a war on Islam? In my view, it is more like a war on any doctrine or religion that can be perceived as an existential threat to the current form of capitalism (debtism), and of course usury.

It is for the above reasons that the ruling elites everywhere are terrified of the notion of masses adopting a usury free financial system. Therefore, the systems controllers have extensively promoted hedonism and usury over the last century to erode our moral and spiritual values, which had benefitted elevated the humanity since antiquity. Perhaps we need to return to a system that is more moral and social at the same time. One thing is for sure, the chains of slavery have to be removed if we are to emancipate our minds and if we are to achieve our potential.

You can read more about the power hungry elites and how they prevent us from restoring the mind, in my June 2007 article, THE CLASSES THAT SUBVERT PROGRESS.

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By Khalid

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