In life, you are either a predator or you are prey. The predators are at the top of the food chain, chasing and luring the prey with deception. This is done cunningly and adeptly to bedazzle and psychologically blind the prey. Mesmerized and confused prey is easy to control and to overpower. This is the way nature works; it is how the world runs. History is nothing but a narration of the relationship between the predator and prey.

A society’s power structures are based on three pillars or three ideologies. And these three are dominated by the elite classes. The elite, whose source of power is hereditary, control the three isms:

Capitalism is controlled by the rich elite.
Nationalism is controlled by the political elite.
Sectarianism is controlled by the religious elite.

These three elites have controlled humanity since antiquity. They attempt to rule and control all spheres of life, including the mental and physical spheres of life. In their quest for more power the elite no doubt abuse the power entrusted to them. Perhaps this is why God Almighty clearly warns his people in the Quran to beware of the elite, including the religious elite.

O you who believe! Verily, there are many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks who devour the wealth of mankind in falsehood, and hinder (them) from the Way of Allah (i.e. Allahs Religion of Islamic Monotheism). And those who hoard up gold and silver (Al-Kanz: the money, the Zakat of which has not been paid), and spend it not in the Way of Allah, -announce unto them a painful torment.
(At-Taubah, Chapter #9, Verse #34)

They tweak the ideologies to manipulate the people in the most cunning ways. They subvert the natural striving of humanity for equality. The political elites are always fearful of true democracy and freedom, so they subvert liberties. The religious elite desire power and total power. Their aim is to ascend to the top – using politics. They connivingly divide and rule via schism. And the capitalist elite influence the flow of capital in an aggressive and controlling manner. Their goal is self interest, so they suppress creativity and innovation as well as progress and prosperity.

Success or failure of the ideologies manifested by the elite is dependent on the control of knowledge. As long as people stay ignorant of truth, they will follow the ideologies recommended by the elite. Historically speaking, the elites have always maintained a tight grip on literacy and knowledge making it a hereditary source of power. Thus, the people are left with no other choice, but to submit themselves to the elite for their resourcefulness, knowledge, aptitude and leadership qualities.

However, when ideologies that are created and repeatedly promoted and regularly tweaked by the elite become obsolescent they are discarded. This is because they serve the interests of only the elite. A war then becomes inevitable to complete the process of purging. War is the only way to ‘ditch’ an outdated ideology. And since a war is prerequisite for purging and repudiating a maladaptive ideology, we can presume that the US had an ulterior motive for going to war in the Middle East. That is to break free from Zionism – to free itself from an ideology that is unlikely to continue benefiting the American elite in the long run.

The end of war and purging marks a new beginning. And political elite invent anew or tweak an old ideology and vigorously promote it to bedazzle the masses. They once again play the pivotal role of leadership; they promote progress and prosperity and encourage freedom and creativity. The elite contribute positively and effectively until another war becomes inevitable. It is fascinating to consider that we have always refused to learn anything from history. We have always chosen to walk in the footsteps of our predecessors and to repeat their mistakes.

In India the Dalits (lower caste) are shunning the Indian caste system. They no longer want to remain as prey. With knowledge they will progress to achieve freedom and equality. But the quest for freedom is never cost-free, it is always painful and often bloody. So very soon India will have civil war to liberate one billion people from an obsolescent ideology. A bloody revolution will herald a new era.

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By Khalid

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