I recall when I was young I used to read a story of an aging lion struggling to hunt. The once-mighty king of the jungle had no choice but to ask its foolish friends to help bring the prey to him. For some reason, the king would miss the opportunity to feed himself. I suppose the children still enjoy the same story. It used to bring a smile to my face. Such stories carry important lessons for the readers. Due to my age, I did not understand its deeper meaning, at that time. It is a story of human tragedy.

The American Empire witnessed its peak in the 1970s, it is in decline now, says Thomas Pochari. This is obvious now to everyone, after the liberation of Afghanistan. It reminds me of the lion that has aged. For decades,  the western media told us, that the American Empire is the most powerful in human history. Whether it is true or it is propaganda, that debate is irrelevant. For me, the most important question is, what is the source of its power.

The source of power for the British Empire as well as the American Empire, the real source, the real power was never the natural resources they plundered from third world countries. It was always the loans they pushed them to take. In other words, it is the debt. No, let me correct this here, it is the western banking system. The real rulers are the bankers.

The bankers have ruled over the world from the City of London. The financial capital of the world. This is where the East India Company ruled from, London. The bankers, sadly, have a bad habit. They keep on pushing the host countries to go to war and take on more debts. This is what ruined the British Empire; the wars, and the debt. This is what is ruining the American Empire; the wars and the debt. As the bankers depleted the British, they are now in the process of depleting their American hosts.

For the last 50 years or so, the western capitalists and investors have been busy making China stronger. One can say that China was meant to be the next host of bankers. We have been reading for the last 20 years that China is going to be the next superpower. I am glad to say that the Chinese are not so stupid. They have seen what happens to empires; the empires get depleted. The life of an empire these days is not very long. America is a primary example. Chinese are refusing to become the next ruling empire. The Chinese have no intention of ruling the world.

After depleting America the bankers have nowhere else to go to seek protection. It seems that the NWO is reaching the end of the road. There will be no New World Order, only chaos, tyranny, and wars. The only option for them is Greater Israel. Israel is a haven, a sanctuary for crooks, fraudsters, children killers, and criminals. Stealing and shooting defenseless people is a way of life in Israel. But the world is changing now. It will change for the better. Nonetheless, some dark days are coming.

Those in power are playing the game of deception, fear, and control. Yes, the old world order is collapsing. The American Empire will likely not exist in the next decade. Its influence has already started to fade. Like any birth and death, the death of an old empire, and the birth of a new order are always going to be painful and bloody.

Look after yourself, and look after those who are around you.

Stay blessed.

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By Khalid

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