The power of the human brain is absolutely mind-boggling.  We witness the power of the human mind dominating everything in this world, it overwhelms all other species.  We are supremely intelligent, the most intelligent species on this planet. Within the population, however, some individuals are noted to be exceptionally more intelligent than others.  These differences are said to lie in the power source of the human brain, the human genome.  There is a consensus among researchers that genes influence the brain and vice versa. A strong correlation exists between genes and the power of the mind indicating, that genes discern our potential and our ability.

Historical evidence indicates that human potential increases and indeed accelerates with the introduction of new genes. This is my thesis that the regeneration of genes is what compels and drives the power of the human mind many folds. And this important phenomenon is most obvious in the history of the Fertile Crescent.

The Fertile Crescent is a unique place; it has undergone regeneration more often than any other region.  Since antiquity it has always been linked with modernisation and inventions; it is considered as the cradle of human civilisation, the centre of knowledge and creativity.

Most major empires including the Egyptians, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans, Mongols, Tatars and the Muslims as well as the West prudently deemed it necessary to conquer the Fertile Crescent and include this region as part of their empires.  The Fertile Crescent undoubtedly is like a magnet; it attracts invaders and is probably the most conquered region in the history of mankind. As well as bringing a new pool of genes into the region, the invaders always brought with them parts of their cultures, their religions and most importantly the new knowledge related to almost every conceivable domain.

These invasions served as a ‘challenge’ that roused the region. The invaders brought a new impetus to the region. We can say these invasions injected a new momentum, just like a fire burns the old grass in a forest making way for a new beginning. This is nature, and in nature history has a tendency to repeat itself.

And as it always happens, history is written by the victors.  The history and contributions of the defeated and subjugated are always marginalised. And this is true in the case of the Fertile Crescent. For over two centuries the inventions and knowledge originating from the Fertile Crescent were never given their due recognition by Western writers and thinkers.

However, the truth is, for over a thousand years Muslim academies in the Fertile Crescent promoted creativity and produced the world’s best scientists and inventors. Western writers failed to credit the Muslim thinkers for their work. Maybe Western academics innocently plagiarised the works of their Eastern brethren, who knows.  I always like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. How ironic it is that libraries are a Muslim invention.

Control of the Fertile Crescent for an empire is just as important today as it has always been for millenniums. In the past, control of the Fertile Crescent meant control of knowledge as well as control of an economic trade route to Asia. Today control of the Fertile Crescent is indispensable for an empire. And we know why – it’s got huge oil deposits.

And once again preparations are underway in the Fertile Crescent for a new beginning. The Fertile Crescent is preparing for war, an impressive war, a war for freedom – a war for humanity, and inevitably to regenerate the genes in the Fertile Crescent. Once again the Fertile Crescent is rising to the challenge with a determination to become the world leader in creativity and innovation.


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By Khalid

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  • What a deep thinking article. Have always wondered why the most important people in history, i.e. the Prophets mentioned in the Quran had all come from the area around the firtile crescent. The article certainly gives much thought to the reasons why they may have all been sent to this region.

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