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The human brainpower thrives on challenges and one of the ultimate challenges is deception and the detection of deception. To protect and shield our weaknesses from our adversaries, we emit misinformation. Information and control of information are all done through propaganda. In times of war, propaganda is deployed to deceive the enemies. Thus, we can say that war is all about deception. The wars are planned and won in the mind; therefore, deception and war require creative brainpower.

We live in the age of mass misinformation and 24-hour news. By having access to so much information at the click of a button finding the truth has become virtually impossible.  In the absence of truth, uncertainty rules over the horizon. Uncertainty is the precursor to anxiety.  Recently, for many, anxiety levels were elevated when the mainstream media started discussing the threats of a nuclear war. All the while, the USA and Russia traded undiplomatic dialogue on the Syrian situation. Was the hype justified or was it intended as part of the perpetual fearmongering? Why are we being bombarded with fear through the media constantly? Is it to keep our minds in a permanent state of anxiety and mental paralysis?

Whatever the reasons, we are prevented from seeing the truth. The truth is the USA and Russia are playing a good cop / bad cop routine in Syria. This means the risk of a nuclear war is minimal in reality. A nuclear war may be inevitable one day in the near future, but for now, it is not imminent. The reason for this is that nuclear war is not the first option in any war, it is the last option. If and when nuclear missiles start flying, the results cannot be controlled. A nuclear war would significantly weaken the superpowers; this is not in the best interests of the bankers, who seem to have an agenda of their own.

With the launch of the YuanPetro, the USA and China’s tariffs wars, and India’s move towards digital currency, as well as the USA being unable to free itself from the Middle Eastern quagmire, we can, to some degree of certainty, assume that the currency/economic/trade wars are already showing results. The outcome of these wars can easily be predicted, as everything is pointing to the demise of the dollar and with it the US hegemony. This way the bankers continue to retain full control over all sides, prior to and after the wars.

The fearmongering is intended to keep the masses ignorant of the political and economic games being played by the puppet masters, and the media is in bed with the puppet masters. We are deceived into thinking by the propagandists that the USA and Russia are fighting a traditional good versus evil war, hiding the fact that the bankers control both sides. Then who is the enemy? It seems the enemy, as far as the elite are concerned, are the masses. Hence, the masses are subjected to ever-increasing doses of fearmongering, anxiety and propaganda. About 10 years back, terrorism was used as a propaganda tool to create fear. Now things have evolved and a nuclear war is fast becoming the biggest threat. It is the masses that are the target of this propaganda and will be the victims of any nuclear attacks.

The bankers have spent more than a century trying to reach this point of total and absolute control of the world. They are now so near to achieving their ultimate prize by soon establishing a one world government and one single currency. Are we to believe that the elites will be willing to give up all their powers, by allowing a nuclear war? The Russian, Chinese and the Zionist west are all kowtowing to the bankers.

What we are witnessing in the media is nothing more than fear and anxiety filled entertainment. It is all a deception. Obviously, the upheaval that is underway in the Middle East will continue till the whole region is secularised and westernised. The secularisation process taking place in Saudi Arabia is shockingly fast, dangerously too fast. The Saudis are the key to any global nuclear war. The fall of the Zionist Saudi regime will start the countdown. Because, any serious challenge or a threat to the usury based global financial system will come from no other than an Islamic government (I do not mean Zionist backed terrorist groups).

One thing is for certain, in order to maintain their control for as long as possible, the Zionist elites will delay the nuclear war as the last option. For they may one day decide to go with a big bang! Only when the gatekeepers of progress are removed, we will witness the full emancipation of the human mind and human potential. We will then be moving towards a new era of human progress and understanding of the human mind. We will be restoring the mind. The masses will become either knowledge rich or knowledge poor. We will be able to unleash the full potential of the human brainpower and see a huge progress.

You can read more about the power elites in my June 2007 article.




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