Strangely, it was the Roman citizens who breathed the biggest sigh of relief when the declining Roman Empire (27 BC – 1453 AD) finally collapsed. Perhaps this is true for most empires. The burden of an aging empire is painful for those unfortunates who have to endure it; they wish that it be gone quietly. When an empire is crumbling and they usually do so from within first, the ruling elite becomes more corrupt, demand more taxes from the poor and fresh blood for more wars. The famous historian Edward Gibbon in his book “History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire” has identified four main reasons that contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

1. The empire became too big and costly
2. The Roman elite were plundering the wealth
3. Roman barbarians were attacking and expenses were high
4. The rise of Christianity (a new enlightenment).

Its successor, the Ottoman Empire’s (1299–1922) had a similar decline, the main reasons remained the same. Although for the Ottomans, the enlightenment was not the Christian religion but the West’s pursuit of science and knowledge. The Ottoman elite’s refusal to let go of their dogmatic thinking was their undoing. As a result, the Ottoman Empire defaulted on their debt in the 1880s and ceased to exist after 1922.

Perhaps it is the hubris that brings the downfall.

The feeling of omnipotence can cloud the mind, when at their peak; one makes important strategic mistakes. For example;

1. In the 1440s the German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press.
2. In 1453 the Ottoman Empire conquered the Byzantium Empire’s capital Constantinople.

And the Ottoman elite made the strategic mistake of banning the use of printing press. However, during the following 500 years as a result of Gutenberg’s invention, the Western Civilisation continued to rise while the Ottomans journeyed towards the inevitable.

A more recent phenomenon is the collapse of the Soviet Union (1922–1991). Once again, the same reasons for the decline and collapse of the Soviet Union applied, i.e. it was too big, the ruling elite were corrupt, Joseph Stalin’s slaughter of 40 million citizens and finally the war in Afghanistan as well as competition with the West on science and knowledge. In 1991 the USSR collapsed.

The former Russian and now American, writer Dmitry Orlov has delved a bit deeper into the matter, in his book “The Five Stages of Collapse”, he discusses his views of the collapse. The Five Stages of Collapse he identifies are;

1. Financial Collapse
2. Commercial Collapse
3. Political Collapse
4. Social Collapse
5. Cultural Collapse

However, some argue (such as A. Ralph Epperson in his book, The New World Order, 1989) that the Soviet Union was a Zionist creation and that the real Empire is very much still alive, albeit, it too is showing signs of decay and nearing collapse.

Theorists such as Imran Hosein and A. Ralph Epperson see the power and domination of Zionism in all the western countries as well as rest of the world. This would indicate that countries such USA, UK and EU are nothing more than autonomous regions or states under the Zionist empire.

However, the Zionist Empire is not immune from the rules or the reoccurring theme regarding collapses. For example, the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse has exposed the theft, corruption and depravity of the Zionist elite and how close the whole system is to collapse.

The Zionist Empire’s method of control is to insist on every individual and nation to be in debt. And the digital currency is supposed to make controlling everyone easy for the empire. However, the two central pillars of the Zionist Empire are based on false foundations, usury and fiat money; as paper currency notes are not money, gold is money. Islam prohibits both fiat money and usury. Hence, we are witnessing wars in the Middle East to save usury and fiat money.

It was through usury and fiat money that the Zionist Empire gained its power, and the empire’s inevitable fall seems to be linked to the uncontrollable debt every nation is choking under.

The lessons learned from the recurring theme are that all empires make a conscious decision, or strategic mistakes, which lead them to their inevitable collapse. If we are to apply Edward Gibbons four point, we can see that the collapse of the Zionist Empire is very close.

1. The empire is too big and costly
2. The Zionist elite are plundering the wealth
3. Middle Eastern wars are proving very expensive
4. The rise of Islam (a threat to usury and fiat money).

Like always the world will breathe a big sigh of relief when the Zionist Empire collapses very soon. And there is a logical reason for this coming collapse; when the empires are close to collapse, they no longer promote freedom and creativity, the essential ingredients needed for restoring the mind. Human life and that of the empire depends on freedom and creativity.

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