Geopolitics is all about the power of the human brain and brainpower is about deception and detection of deception. As the readers of RTM know very well, wars are fought and won in the mind and acted out on the battlefield. In the 21st century, the American empire has launched hot wars in the Middle East and trade wars with China as well as cold war with Russia. The latest tussle, according to the media is with Persia. But, the media is part of the deception game.

Threats and counter threats of war, which are transmitted through the media, are part of the deception game. Despite the threatening rhetoric between Iran and the USA, the risk of an imminent war in 2019 is low. Yet, at the same time, the issue is not likely to disappear anytime soon. Why? The biggest reason is the dollar. Iran decided to trade without the dollar in 2018. In the past, Saddam made the same decision in 2000, Gaddafi in 2009 and Syria in 2006. The empire insists that all countries trade in dollar or face the consequences.

In the Persian Gulf, the media threats alone are unlikely to yield the desired results, especially when the empire is busy negotiating an exit strategy with the Taliban and seeking a face-saving solution to hide its defeat. Secondly, Iranians know that the empire is haemorrhaging. Fear of the empire is fading fast. 18 years of wars are taking its toll. Rival powers, such as China and Russia, are playing the waiting game while China is expanding trade and influence in the region.

It is highly unlikely that Iran is the real target of the increase in military deployment in the Persian Gulf, as attacking Iran would lay to waste all that has been done since 9/11, i.e. the purging of the Sunnis and Arabs. It is the Sunni and the Arabs who have been massacred in millions, while Iran’s clout has increased in the region. Therefore, weakening Iran would create an imbalance of power in the region. Furthermore, I do not think Zionists would want more than 70 thousand Jews living in the Iranian city of Isfahan to be harmed, in case of a war.

The war rhetoric is nothing more than propaganda, intended to confuse. At the same time, the increase in military deployment by the USA in the region should not be seen as a tantrum by the aging empire undergoing a decline. There is a hidden agenda. The foreign military bases in the country mean only one thing – occupation, just like the bases in Okinawa in Japan. Arabs are occupied and the USA bases are there to protect the puppet rulers. Arab despotic rulers are going to be replaced soon as the empire intends to implement Bernard Lewis’s plan for the Middle East. Bernard Lewis advocated reshaping the borders of all Middle Eastern countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The plan is to divide the region along ethnic grounds. This will bring into existence new countries such as Kurdistan, Baluchistan, and a Shia state. All these new states would be rich in natural resources (see map below). The pandemonium, created by the media is intended to deceive the gullible public while millions more are purged in the Middle East. Fool me once ……

Based on Bernard Lewis’s plan for the Middle East

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