Every moment somewhere on earth a miracle happens. It is said that if you believe in miracles then you will see them happening. I am a believer in miracles. I am going to share with you a story about a miracle.

On one winter afternoon, as we arrived back from a shopping trip, in the corner of our garden, beside a wall we saw a bird, struggling to fly but facing difficulty lifting its weight. It was a beautiful Indian Ringneck Parakeet, a rare bird for this part of the world, usually seen in Asian countries. The broken wing made it easy to capture. We decided to help the bird and nurse it back to health. During the course we discovered that it was originally from India. It was a very intelligent parrot and a proficient speaker. Mithu had vocabulary of over a thousand words. It’s name was Mithu.

Below is the transcript of the chat between myself and Mithu.

Me: How did you injure your wing? And where were you flying to?
Mithu: Pandit Ji. I am searching for my Pandit Ji. We came to the U.K., because his doctor prescribed him to go traveling as a last resort for his incurable condition.

Me: What’s wrong with Pandit Ji, is he ill?
Mithu: Yes, he became ill ever since he developed a conscience. I told him to get rid of it, it does not help his weak heart. The old fool does not listen. I mean, he has been preaching it all his life without practicing it, why change now?

Me: So what is bothering him?
Mithu: The same thing that is bothering other Brahman leaders in India. They fear change, thinking that Hinduism and Brahman supremacy is under threat.

I keep telling him that the Brahman rule did not crumble under the Mughals or the British, so why fret.

But Pandit Ji says due to its rigid caste system (the holy cow) it is incapable of adapting to modern post-internet world. Truth be told, they have milked them splendidly (blows whistle in laughter, like a whistle-blower).

Me: You mean they milked the holy cows?
Mithu: No! I mean they (Brahmans) are the holy cows. The Brahmans have benefited the most from the Varna system.

Me: Oh, I see.
Mithu: Pandit Ji says that fear has overshadowed the Brahman elite’s ability for reasoning. They do not want to compete and prefer their hereditary top positions. Their inability to embrace the future has pushed them into the hands of Hindu fanatics. Their myopia towards Hindu militancy as a panacea for the plight of the masses will only hasten their demise. Bringing the genie of militancy out of the bottle is one thing, putting it back into the bottle is another. The Hindu fanatics who are targeting the minorities may spread the flames of hatred to all parts of India. This may not end well for India and could lead to disintegration of India.

Me: Disintegration? How can that be?
Mithu: Pandit Ji says another group of super Brahmans have taken control of India now. Pandit Ji calls them the parasites. The global financial elite (bankers and multinational corporations) have high stakes in Indian economy now. They want to dominate the usury based banking system and loot the masses.

Already India’s push for digital currency is failing the masses and businesses are suffering. The government policies for farmers and health sectors have worsened the already dire situation, leading to thousands of farmers committing suicide and hundreds of thousands of children dying of malnutrition related diseases in many areas. All kinds of negative powers are being unleashed in India.

Me: I have seen news of vigilantes attacking Muslim and Christian minorities.
Mithu: Yes, the Brahmans are planting seeds for civil conflicts with attacks on minorities. Cow vigilantes and Hindu Yuva Vahini are just few of the examples. The Hindus extremists are adamant that if they can eliminate Islam from India, then Brahmans can continue to rule over the Dalits for centuries more to come.

Me: Why target Muslims?
Mithu: Muslims in India do not suffer discrimination like Dalits do. Islam offers what the Dalits always lacked, equality, dignity, self-respect and justice. The Brahmans who count for 13% of the population want to continue to deny more than 1 billion Indians equal rights. It is these masses who are the real targets of the Brahman outbursts.

Me: Yes I see what you mean. Your Pandit Ji seems like a very wise person.
Mithu: Wise? Do you know I have not eaten good food in his house ever since he started to empathise with the poor and the destitute? I told him I liked him more when he used to bring me plenty of quality pistachios and nuts.

The senile has given all his wealth back to the poor. Says, he has found happiness and peace in helping the poor, rather than taking from them.

He feels god has blessed him with a miracle (conscience) and restored his mind. But I feel I can no longer survive on the new chapatti diet.

Then Mithu saw the open window and flew out. We never saw him again. I guess nothing lasts forever.


Further reading:
The Hindu religion has a rigid caste system, the Varna. Due to Varna class system in the subcontinent, the Dalits have been treated like blacks in America’s slavery days.

  1. Brahmans occupy the top position
  2. Kshatriyas (political rulers and soldiers) in second place.
  3. Vaishyas (merchant)
  4. Shudras (labourers, peasants, artisans, and servant)
  5. Dalits are at very bottom of the hierarchy (the street sweepers and latrine cleaners).

The problem arises when rigid system compels people to acquire the appropriate occupation according to their caste. In the old days a person belonging to a certain caste could never think about a career outside of his or her hereditary career path.

Now things are changing for the positive and people do mix in restaurants and cinemas. Social and employment barriers are being demolished albeit too fast for the Brahmans and too slow for those who are choking under the old system.

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