Once again, Mithu decided to visit us while we were working in the garden, planting new seeds. Mithu is an old friend, a beautiful Indian Ringneck Parakeet. A proficient speaker. Below is the transcript of the chat between myself and Mithu.

Me: I am sad to see a nuclear state like Pakistan experiencing political and economic instability in the country. Tell me, why the Pakistani leadership are unable to resolve their issues.

Mithu: Ah, isn’t it just a tussle between the two opposing forces?

Me:  You mean the political parties, the PTI and PDM (N League and its allies).

Mithu: They are not the only powers playing politics in Pakistan, are they?

Me: No, so, you are pointing your finger towards the military establishment then?

Mithu: Oh God, save me from the acumen of this clever guy. Birds do not have fingers, birds have talons.

Me: Oh. I was just thinking about the tussle.

Mithu: The tussle between the two forces is between the globalists and the nationalists.

Me: Oh, I see. That makes sense. Then, who are the globalists and who are the nationalists?

Mithu: The globalists favour a One World Government. These globalists want to partition all big countries into smaller states. Whereas, the nationalists want to keep the status quo and strengthen their nation-states.

Me: What are the globalists’ main objectives to achieve their nefarious goals?

Mithu: No enemy can conquer from the outside alone unless there is help from the inside. Globalists face the same dilemma. That is why they have given the task of weakening the centre of power to their main agents in politics; the military and elsewhere. Once the centre is weakened, partitioning is the easy part.

Me: So, who is winning and who is losing in this tussle?

Mithu: At the moment things can go either way.

Me: What do you mean?

Mithu: Well, the political and the military leadership have in the past played a major role in weakening the centre. Their corruption has weakened the centre quite considerably. By centre, I mean the federal government and all related power structures.

Me: Yes, that certainly is true.

Mithu: It seems Pakistan had reached the tipping point when General Bajwa was replaced with a new army chief. The country was about to default but failed to do so, despite the efforts of the crooked ruling elite, who made corruption rife in every organisation.

Maybe, General Bajwa was unsuccessful in his mission to push Pakistan over the edge. He certainly brought Pakistan to the brink. It appears, the new army chief is trying to repair the damage, as Pakistan seems to have moved away from a higher risk of default.

Me: But the military appears to be favouring one political group over the other. Why is the military taking sides?

Mithu: A good question. The military is using one side against the other. That is their modus operandi. Who knows when the tables may turn again?

Me: True. What about the external powers that are meddling inside Pakistan?

Mithu: You mean the global elites?

Me: Explain to me, what you mean by global elites Who are the global elites? Is it America?

Mithu: The global elites are those with power, including multinational companies, billionaires, major investment companies like Black Rock, major think tanks and influential people in every field.

Me: So, this would also include the UN, WHO, WEF, IMF and the World Bank?

Mithu: Yes. Various organisations and individuals for their selfish reasons help each other further their goals.

Me: What are their goals?

Mithu: To establish a new system that will help them control individuals.

Me: So, those with power want to control people rather than serve people?

Mithu: True, and you can only do one or the other.

Me: Yes, thank you.

Mithu: Stay safe, stay blessed.

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By Khalid

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