As Spring 2021 arrived and the weather turned mild, Mithu decided to visit us for another informative chat. I was in my garden at the time enjoying the sun while reading a book. Mithu is an old friend, a beautiful Indian Ringneck Parakeet. A proficient speaker. Below is the transcript of the chat between myself and Mithu.

Mithu: Greetings my friend, I hope you don’t mind a flying visit.
Me: You are most welcome. It is nice to see you. I have been thinking of you lately.

Mithu: oh, you missed me, did you? I hesitated to visit any friends because of the robber barons.
Me: The robber barons? You are confusing me now. I never visited any friends because of the Covid?

Mithu: well, speaking from a ‘bird’s eye view’ perspective, Covid is all about the robber barons.
Me: Hmm! That’s interesting. Please share your insight with me.

Mithu: I had often wondered whether this pandemic is accidental or intentional. For this research, my approach was quite simple. I decided to focus on the golden rule of investigation, ‘follow the money.’ Surprisingly the conclusion was the robber barons were the biggest beneficiaries.
Me: I see. But I had heard that due to lockdowns, all businesses have been suffering.

Mithu: No, not all, the robber barons increased their wealth by billions of pounds.
Me: Who are these robber barons and what do they do?

Mithu: well, historically speaking, the original robber barons were the East India Company, the first multinational to rob a nation of its power and wealth. Nowadays, I consider all multinationals as robber barons
Me: Hmm. Very interesting observation.

Mithu: lately, these Multinationals have been doing major raids at least once in every decade. For example, currently, the beneficiaries are the pharmaceutical industry and online marketplaces, ten years ago it was the banks. Ten years before that it was the arms manufacturing industry.
Me: You used the word ‘raids’, what do you mean by that?

Mithu: These multinationals have subjugated the political powers of all the western nations, and through them control the rest of the world. They have total freedom to loot the public funds. Thus, the burden falls on the taxpayers. The legacy of this Covid pandemic will be the raid on public funds.
Me: That is so criminal.
Mithu: Yes, tyrannical too. The thing about any swindler is that they often tend to repeat it if they were successful in their scam. The robber barons are no different. The same script is being used again to hoodwink the public, only this time at a much greater scale. Do you not get the sense of déjà vu?

Me: No, I do not sense déjà vu.
Mithu: That is because you are gullible. The whole scam is so obvious and in front of your eyes.
Me: Perhaps, I am gullible. Tell me what is it that I do not see.

Mithu: They are repeating the same old shock and awe strategy.
Me: You mean the shock and awe strategy they used against Saddam Hussain?
Mithu: No. The real ‘shock and awe’ were the propaganda they used on 9/11 and no one questioned what followed after that. Similarly, intense marketing and propaganda campaign, shock and awe, was launched in the early days of the Covid pandemic and no one questioned what followed after that.

Secondly, to extend the wars for decades after 9/11 and ensure public backing for those wars, the war on terror was launched. This included false flag operations in various European cities to legitimise wars in Muslim countries.

You may recall, there were false flag operations every few months, and now we are told of a new mutation of the virus every few months. déjà vu?

Me: Mithu, Is this another of your conspiracy theories? I cannot believe you follow conspiracy theories. The British government would never allow itself to be dictated by a pharmaceutical cartel or a banking cartel. There is such a thing as democracy in this country.
Mithu: Democracy? The rabble has no say in the corridors of power. The United Kingdom is a capitalist economy. It means those with the capital make the rules that empower them. The international mafias or the cartels who run multinationals are powerful enough to topple any government and the British ruling elites are well aware of this fact.

This is exactly what is wrong with the politics of today. The cause for justice is no longer there. Greed is the only rule of the game. Once the rabble realise that the ruling elites are insincere, it will be all over for them.

Me: Will the rabble ever know?
Mithu: Only time will tell, my friend.

Mithu ended the conversation and flew away.


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By Khalid

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