Truth; Who Controls The Truth?

Thomas Pochari shares his views on the subject of truth and who controls the truth. As the Pakistani foreign minister once said it is those with the deep pockets who control the narrative on the media whether it is social media or mainstream media. The media war is all about controlling and overpowering the mind and human potential. It is the truth that scares people. It is the emancipation of the human mind that scares those who have deep pockets but lack creativity and ingenuity.

Whoever thought that creativeness and ingenuity could be so frightening. In reality, this is the dilemma that we face in the 21st century.

Thomas Pochari has been a journalist since the mid-1980s. He worked for a French newspaper in Paris for a brief time then realised he had to be fully independent. This was very difficult but he managed. Then came the internet around 2000, he created in April 2002. Ran this for almost 15 years then decided to advance this into an even more sophisticated operation. Press freedom. In January 2003 was the first in the world to feature audio and video files, beating the BBC. The old can be found on the net at Now there are multiple websites, with super cool, advanced software:;;;;

He opened 5 Twitter accounts in July 2019: @WAManalysis; @monitoring_risk; @destructive_cap; @info_tech_cente; @_brainscience

He has never retreated from his goal to be fully independent. Press freedom is valuable but almost impossible to fully achieve, in practice. The truth. That’s all.

The views expressed in the interview belong to the respondent and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Restoring The Mind.

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By Khalid

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