As spring arrived, one early afternoon Mithu flew in and decided to join us for lunch. Mithu is an old friend, a beautiful Indian Ringneck Parakeet. A proficient speaker. Below is the transcript of the chat between myself and Mithu.

Me: So, tell me, what are your new thoughts these days?

Mithu: I’m not thinking anything, I’m just enjoying the spectacle.

Me: What spectacle?

Mithu: The convergence.

Me: What do you mean by convergence?

Mithu: Convergence for me is a rare, probably once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, it’s when there is a global power shift in terms of economics, geopolitics, financial and societal levels. When things are happening all at once in the geopolitical world.

Me: Oh, I see. Then I would assume this great change that is taking place in the world is occurring in the countries of most importance. So, tell me which are the most important countries?

Mithu: Important to whom?

Me: What do you mean?

Mithu: I mean important to who? To me? To you? Or those who rule the world?

Me: Oh, I see. In that case, tell me about the countries that are important to the rulers of the world.

Mithu: That is a very simple question to answer. Just look at the countries that are being deliberately weakened as a result of the agenda of the global ruling elites.

Me: I’m sorry. Which countries are being deliberately weakened?

Mithu: Let’s take Ukraine as an example. Who is being weakened as a result of the war in Ukraine?

Me: Ukraine, of course.

Mithu: You would qualify as a good detective. But along with Ukraine, European economies have suffered greatly. And just over one year into the war, the American financial system is showing signs of collapse. According to one report, nearly 200 banks are likely to go bankrupt sooner than later.

Me: Wow. So, you mean the American Empire is coming undone at the seams?

Mithu: It might take a little while yet before we witness the actual collapse. The Chinese and Russians are determined to dethrone the dollar as a reserve currency.

Me: So, you are saying America is being weakened as well as Russia and the Europeans as a result of the war in Ukraine? If all these countries are losers then who are the winners?

Mithu: These are not the only countries that are being systematically weakened. The list of countries that are being weakened is very long. As far as who the winners are, that should be obvious.

Me: Which other countries are being weakened?

Mithu: Apart from the countries mentioned above: Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen can be added to the list as well.

Me: What do you think is the agenda behind all this balkanization everywhere?

Mithu: To redesign the borders of most nation-states and create smaller states based on the Emirati model.  Smaller states so that they do not challenge the One World Government.

Me: This explains why the ruling elites show no concern when their country’s economies are being destroyed.

Mithu: Yes, and the same ruling elites will continue to rule over the newly established states.

Me: Where will the capital of One World Government be located?

Mithu: The intended location is Jerusalem.

Me: Oh, I see. How will this affect the American hegemony?

Mithu: It is quite likely that America too will experience disintegration just like the Soviet Union did.  Partitioning of the USA will result in the creation of new states. The globalists had wanted to create 5 new states to replace Russia. So far Russia has managed to defend itself.

Me: I have read somewhere that the current global upheaval is intentional, to help further the goals of the creation of Greater Israel with Jerusalem as its capital. Is that true?

Mithu: Yes, when a midget wants to be the tallest person in the world, then the only solution is to cut off the legs of all the tallest people.

Me: Interesting. How soon do you think these border changes will occur?

Mithu: Well, border changes means wars. People often forget that whereas the death of a nation is catastrophic for its people, the birth of a new nation is always bloody.

Me: Yes, I have been noticing that preparations are underway for global wars since 2020.

Mithu: True, but not all the countries agree with globalists’ agenda. Some countries have different plans.

Me: You mean Russia, China, Iran, and the BRICS nations?

Mithu: Yes. Resistance to the globalist agenda has started. So, there is hope. The endgame is near. The beginning of the end has already started. Only time will tell who will be the winners and losers.

Me: I hope that the globalists’ devilish plan is ruined immediately. I hope we see the end of the evilness that is ruling every country.

Me: Stay safe, stay blessed.

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By Khalid

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