Most of the Muslim countries around the Mediterranean Sea are facing internal conflicts, which has increased the hardship for the people. Almost every nation is undergoing severe economic and financial hardships. The Arab leadership seems ill-prepared to solve any of the problems for their people. Each country is facing a unique range of problems. However, to get a deeper understanding of the local problems it was deemed necessary to interview a geopolitical analyst who has inside knowledge about the region.

Sami Hamdi, kindly accepted my request to interview him. Ma Shaa Allah, he has a wealth of knowledge about every nation in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region and its domestic problems. It was a very informative interview. Sami Hamdi does not hesitate to tell the truth, a rare quality among journalists these days.

My conclusion after the interview is that the leadership in each country has woven a web of deceit and corruption to create multi-layered problems for their people. The leaderships that created the problem are showing no signs of solving the problems. Perhaps this is power. The people are left with little choice but to depend on the inept, corrupt and despotic leadership. Hope is a good thing to have, but, sadly, I must say, not from their current leadership in the MENA region.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, fear of the masses is driving the elites to create policies to suppress the public. The reason is very simple, these leaderships do not have any brainpower or creativeness to help the people. Sami Hamdi mentions that Sisi of Egypt rules with an iron fist. Then, I wonder why? I am sure the Egyptians have worked out by now that he is not only a fool, but he is also a corrupt fool. He is spending billions on mega projects while people are worried about the removal of subsidies on bread prices. By the way, his megaprojects are there to buy the support of corrupt friends in power.

The same can be said about Lebanon and Libya. The people are kept busy, focused on their daily survival. The media mentions western billionaires but there is seldom mention of the billionaires in the Middle Eastern region. Especially, those who gained their wealth through corruption in the last few decades. The media is keeping a lid on the injustices of the wealthy in the Middle East, very little comes out. However, a change in the region is inevitable. Freedom cannot be denied forever. The colour revolutions in the MENA region were supported by the West and were intended to let the steam out. The people may not fall for colour revolutions again. So, people in the region are apprehensive for the time being.

The world awaits to see changes and development in the MENA region.

In Shaa Allah


The views expressed in the interview belong to the respondent and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Restoring The Mind.

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By Khalid

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